The worst battle of the civil war by Cory

At the battle

The battle of Gettysburg was in July 1863. The confederate moved into northern soil after losing Vicksburg. And winning Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. General Robert E. Lee thought he could win this battle. Lee sent them in three corps, corp1 was led by General James Longstreet, corp 2 was led by General Richard Ewells, then third was led by A.P.Hill.

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The battle of Gettysburg

Three were 3 corps... the first one that led the first corp was General James Longstreet.... the second one was led by General Richard Ewells... then third was led by A.P. Hill. It took place in Pennsylvania. There was a war the worst battle ever in 1863. In that battle we barely survived from it!

Who won?

The union vs confederate? The union had the famous pickets charge and they won by that and the devils run also all of the union lost 22,050 men they won right then.
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Why did Abe want to end slavery?

He wanted to end slavery because he is not a slave owner he never wants to but now he wrote a 2 minute speech called The Gettysburg Address and said that everyone shall be equal and Blacks should be free.