The Literary Progression

Elementray to Seinor Year


Magic Tree House Series- Mary Pope Osborne (1992-...)

From the distant lands of the dinosaurs to that of the present, brother and sister Jack and Annie's life are nothing from normal. Through the use of their very own magic tree house, are two adventures are swept away to different lands and time periods in a blink of an eye. All they have to do is, find one of the many books scattered around the house, open a page, point to it, and off they go. However, not all is fun and games. With unsuspecting danger lurking around every corner, Jack and Annie have to be careful and use their knowledge and no how to survive. Though, even with all this, our two heroes are always back in time for dinner, eagerly waiting for the next adventure.

This series of books represent my beginning and my first steps into becoming an avid reader, academically and for leisure. Others will want to read this series because it grabs the attention of reader through every page and book that follows.

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A Series of Unfortunate Events- Lemony Snicket (1999-2006)

With the tragic deaths of their parents in an foreseen fire, eldest sister Violet Baudelaire and her two brothers Klaus and Sunny are sent to live with their distant uncle, Count Olaf. However, their dear and kind "uncle" is only after the inheritance that the children will receive. Thus creating a game of cat and mouse, as these three orphans jump to relative to relative, all the while trying to stay alive, as their dear guardian closes in on their heels, no matter how fast they run.

This series of books, like the ones, before, helped me accelerate my love for reading and further expand the idea of me even writing stories. This series resonates with me because it shows the dark and unfortunate occurrences that can happen to anyone. As for why people would want to read this series, even though it is very dark, it allows a reader to be able to sympathize with the characters and learn the darkness of the world, all while going on miraculous adventures.

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Flowers for Algernon- Daniel Keyes (1959)

In this emotional roller-coaster, Charlie Gordon is like everyone else, except for he only has an IQ of 68. However, he does not let this dictate him, as he strives to become smarter, all with the help of a significant lab mouse, named Algernon. This little mouse can find his way through a maze in record speed, all to the frustration of Charlie. However, as Algernon has went through a brain operation, that is still in the experimental stage, its no wonder, and our dear Charlie decides to be the first human subject. Through the course of this novel be prepared to let your tears stain the pages and have your heart burst in happiness as Charlie and Algernon take you on a journey into the joys and the dangers of human intelligence.

Flowers for Algernon stays in my memory because of its deep emotional impact that it has on the reader, making sure that you never forget it. While reading this book, I realized the harshness that people can go through, all because of who they are. Readers will want to dive into this book, because it will give them an insight into the inner workings of others and the emotions that we all feel, as well as showing that hope, dedication, and determination knows no bounds.

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Romeo and Juliet- William Shakespeare (1597)

Widely known around the world, this love story begins with the sorrow filled cries of a heart broken teenager, Romeo. However, when he lays eyes upon the young and beautiful Juliet all that changes, and so do their lives. Their union forbidden and each separated from the other, these two young lovers will go to the most extremes to be in one another's arms once more, embracing the other. However, their wish just might come true, with the most dire of consequences.

In this love story turned tragedy, it is not the romance that I enjoy but what happens in the play. The planning and backstabbing, secret visits and fake deaths, as well as the love between the two is so concrete and solid. People will want to read this for obviously the romance, but also the clever and complex plot that Shakespeare brings to the table.

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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn- Mark Twain (1884)

Set alongside the vast and powerful waters of the Mississippi River, Huckleberry Finn tries relentlessly to stay the way he is as society tries to civilize him. Through the course of the story, Finn meets new people and learns more about the world around him.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is one of the many novels that I truly enjoy reading in my high school career. I enjoy its humor as well as the complex and compelling characters that it depicts throughout the story. Also, the way that it gives me an in look into the past and be able to see that of deep south during the time period it was written. This story will want to be read by many readers for its well written plot and the very simple reason of being able to learn from the teachings of young Huckleberry Finn in his many adventures.

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Hamlet- William Shakespeare (1603)

In the time of medieval Denmark, the young prince Hamlet lies grieve stricken after the death of his father as well as filled with rage at the sudden and quick marriage of his uncle Claudius and his mother Queen Gertrude. However, through the help of his friends and unlikely sources Hamlet will unravel the secrets of his family and prove for himself the alligations that have been made to him. He will unravel the web of lies and betrayal and uncover the corruption and insanity that lies underneath.

Another one of Shakespeare's plays makes the list. This play, that does not have as much action as his other works, it does however have the theme of man verses self and explores the idea of betrayal and revenge while showing the effects it can have on a large amount of people. These things make it interesting, as well as, the twist and turns that come along with it. Readers will want to read this because it has enough action to keep the reader interested, however, the back and forth of the main character and struggle of the characters sucks the reader in until very last page.

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Antigone- Sophocles (441 BC)

Apart of a trilogy of three plays, Antigone tells the story of the great civil war between two brothers, in which both are slain. And so, by the decree of the new king, Creon, one will be declared a hero, while the other will not be buried or given proper holy rites. Antigone, who wishes to bury her brother sets to do it herself, however consequences will arise and the fate of all characters will be shown as lessons will be learned and sorrow filled occurrences will come to past in this conclusion of this three part play.

This play surprised me, I honestly thought I wouldn't like it, but it captivated me in its hold. The setting and internal and external struggles of the characters made me think and try to understand why they were like they were. This play resonates with me because it shows the conviction of others and the consequences that can stem from a persons actions. Readers will flock to this tale of sadness and determination as it opens their eyes to human nature.

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The Flea- John Donne (Unknown)

Now, this play may seem innocent in its titling, however, when one reads this metaphysical poem, they will shy away at its language and representations. It may cause laughter or confusion, though overall, it is a delight.

This poem caught me in the funny bone, as its crude and unsuspecting humor along with its metaphors caused me to read between the lines. This poem resonates with me since I don't really find most literature funny. The audience will read this poem and blush as well as laugh at the outrageous humor that is in this story of two lovers.

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The Interlopers- Saki (1969)

With hatred, comes feuds. Two opposing families, the von Gradwitzes and the Znaeyms, have been feuding for years. However, on a snowy winter the two families will face the fruits of their spoils. Fighting the dark and snow ridden wilderness, these two families will hunt each other down, to exact the vengeance on the other. Though, will their hatred for the other blind them or will they work together to face the even greater threat that stalks the white covered forests.

This story gives a good narrative into the human behavior of hate, and shows how humans can be consumed by it. The vivid detail of the setting and characters gives a clear picture into the world of this story. This tale resonates with me because it shows how we are all vulnerable to our emotions and behaviors. Readers will enjoy this story as they follow the main characters into the wilderness and savages that are others and themselves.

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The Importance of Being Earnest- Directed by Oliver Parker (2002)

In this satirical and witty drama, based on the play by Oscar Wilde of the same name, Jack Worthing and Algernon Moncreiff are best friends. Even if both of them are keeping secrets from the other. Like Jack is actually Jack in the country and his unruly and distasteful younger brother Earnest in the city, even though he has no brother. And how Algernon has a sick friend named Bunbury that is always sick, but is a clever ploy for him to shy away from his responsibilities. Through this satire of the upper class and the rules of etiquette of the Victorian Era Britain, Jack and Algernon's beloved double lives could come crumpling down and fall into the trash, just like teacakes.

This film properly represents the play by Oscar Wilde and witty humor that comes along with makes it even better in my eyes. This movie resonates with me because it allows me to see into the highly proper manner of that era. Readers will want to read this story because of the humor and classic way Oscar uses the era to show its flaws and ridiculous manners.

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