Graphic Design

by Alex Manning

Thesis #1

Art may not come easy to you like it dose to me. My faciorit medium would have to be the computer. Its amazing how fun and easy it can be to design something on a computer.

Thesis #2

The annual sallery for graphci design is $51,080 a year thats pretty good and you can be self employed too and get that much and you can design anything you want even this artical whould be considerd graphic design.
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Thesis # 3

When it comes to the computer you can be super percised. You can zoom in and look at all the pixles to see where everything is and make very little changes to make it realistic


What sort of training do you need? Bachelors degree in grapics.

What sort of skills do you need? Work excperience.

Is there any room for job advancement? Going from junior graphic artest to graphic desinger.

What is all involved with this career? Talking to clients and acepting there jobs.

What is the job outlook and salary? $51,80 a year.

Why do you want to go into this career? I love art.

What might people not know about this career? you use high computer software to make art.

What does a day in the life of this career look like? Being on a computer all day making art and animations