Nicklaus Harrell September 10, 1998

Matthew 19:26

Introducing Me

I live in Lugoff with my Mom and Dad. My youth group influences me the most.


I feel one characteristic of mine is being a hard worker. One example last semester when I took Early Childhood Education at ATEC. I ended up getting student of the month for November. Another example is working on mission trips and always being told that I am a hard worker.

After school

I am involved in Marching Band and my church youth trip. Marching band is something I like do after school. My youth group is something I am involved in every Wednesday nights.

Timeline about my life

  • 1998 Birth
  • 2009 Became a Christian
  • 2010 First mission trip
  • 2013 Started high school
  • 2014 Started my 2nd year of high school

Timeline of world events during my life

  • 2001 9/11
  • 2002 Space Shuttle Columbia destroyed on reentry killing 7 astournants
  • 2004 Facebook revolutionizing the world of internet
  • 2005 Hurricane Katrina
  • 2008 Obama becomes the first black President

Timeline from Dads life

  • 1967 Birth
  • 1972 Grandpa left for Vietnam
  • 1974 got a 10 speed b
  • 1981 first job at YMCA
  • 1992 Married

Timeline of world events during my Dads life

  • !975 Fall of Saigon
  • 1973 US troops pullout of Vietnam
  • 1989 Fall of The Berlin Wall
  • East and West Germany reunited
  • 1972 Bill Clinton is elected president of the United States


2020 can hold a lot but I don't know what.