President Wanted!

Asha Birjah

Do You Want to Become the President of the United States of America?

All you need to do is meet the credentials listed below:

-Must be at least 35

-Must be born in the United States of America

-Must live in the United States for 14 years


$400,000 a year, all expense travel, free food, multiple cars, private helicopter

Duties and Responsibilities

The President has 7 specific policies listed in the Constitution (Article II)

1. Legislative Leader- Has veto power, and gives a legislative agenda to congress in the annual State of Union Address.

2. Chief Diplomat- The President directs foreign policy, he/she also has the right to make an executive agreement which is an agreement with foreign leaders that are not approved by congress.

3. Head of State-The president is the living representation of the United States, meaning that he/she must preform ceremonial acts such as the Christmas Tree lighting.

4. Commander-in-Chief- In charge of all armed forces and is the ONLY person who is allowed to send troops into an area.

5. Party Leader- Viewed as the head of their political party and allows for him/her to select or appoint a national parties Chairperson.

6. Economic Leader- President deals with economic problems such as; unemployment, inflation, and taxes. He/She also develops a federal government budget.

7. Chief Executive- In charge of 15 cabinets. Also, has the right to make an executive order which is a rule of command that has the force of law and does not need congressional approval.