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History of Valparaiso

Founded by Juan de Saavedra in the 1530's. The city became a major harbor after its release from Spain in 1818.


Currency: Chilen Peso.

Natural Resources: Copper, fish, and agriculture products.

Traditional Dance: Cueca

Sports Played in Valparaiso: Soccer, tennis, track and field, and many more.

Education: Primary school (8 years), secondary school (4 years), and higher education.

Population: 253,580

Industrial Capacity: Copper. grapes, and apples.

Language Spoken: Spanish

Natives of Valparaiso: Picunches Indians

More About Valparaiso

Fun Facts and Places to Visit

~ Third largest metropolitan in the country of Chile.

~ Home to the oldest spanish-written newspaper that's still printed.

~ Became Chilean national congress in 1990.

~ The first public library of Chile was opened in Valparalso.

Valparaiso should be apart of your traveling because of the beauitful views of the ocean front, as well as the many historical sites, and the colorful city atmosphere. Your stay here in the city will be enjoyable for everyone in the family, and offers a great climate.

by Jenna and Selecia