Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Perri, John, Tanner, And Spencer

Beautiful But Deadly

There are many wonderful, warm, and beautiful places to live in the world. They are filled with loving, caring people. However, these great conditions do not come without a price. Monstrous earthquakes, horrific volcanos, and huge tsunami’s threaten these “paradises”. Paradise does not come without a price. People pay with their lives, homes, and their happiness. What and where are these places? Keep reading to find out.

Japan, the Island of Natural Disaster

Culture And Environment

Kangei, to the land of the rising sun or also known as Japan. One of the important reasons for people living in Japan to stay there is the beautiful terrain, sandy beaches, rolling jungle hills, and modernized mega cities all of this home to the 1.27 million people who inhabit this island. Like the land, the people of Japan Live in peace and prosperity. The only thing that disrupts that peace and prosperity is the ground shaking earthquakes, terrorizing tsunami's, and fire blazing volcanoes that take place everyday. In this article you will be told all about tsunami’s, volcano, and earthquake activity that happens everyday.

Plate Movement and Seismic Waves

Eurasian, Philippine, and Pacific, these are the names of the tectonic plates that Japan rests upon. These plates cause seismic activity when they grind or crash into each other, also they create amazing mountain ranges. Some mountains and other landforms created by tectonic plates are Mount Kita and the Shizuoka Mountain range. Tectonic plates crash, slide, and grind into each other creating seismic waves creating pressure which causes the volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that devastate millions of people and the average japanese life. These waves change peoples lives and their land forever.

History of Japan

Japan is without a doubt Extremely dangerous. The seismic waves, very commonly, will push out numbers like 5.0 to 8.5 magnitude. This kind of magnitude can easily cost $1 million to $5 million dollars in damage. in recent years Japan has taken sever damage to land, population, and economy. Japan's recent natural disasters have cost Japan $800 million dollars in damage, and left 800,000 homeless. These Disasters take and affect the lives of the japanese citizens as they live in fear waiting for mother nature to strike again.

China, Middle Kingdom Natural Disasters

Chinese Environment

Nǐ hǎo! Welcome to the Middle Kingdom, also known as China. China is the biggest country on Earth, home to 1.3 billion people, phenomenal mountain ranges, dazzling tropical rain forest, fascinating snow covered mountain ranges, desolate deserts, and meretricious lakes. The reason why people live in China is because of the fast development for jobs, to learn about the culture, Great Wall of China, and the Forbidden City. The only thing that stops people from living in China is the ravaging earthquakes and the ash blowin volcanoes. In this article you will be reading about the history of the volcanoes and earthquakes that have happened in China.

Tectonic Plates

Plate Movement And Activity

There are many tectonic plates that make these devastating earthquakes and volcanoes including the Indian, African, Arabian, North american, and Australian plates. The earthquakes happen when when the plates rub up against each other. This is called convergent Boundaries. When volcanoes from they build up magma under the Earths crust and finds holes and pores in the Earths crust and erupts out of them. The Kunlun Volcanic group is a mountain range of volcanoes. The northern Hainan Island is affected by the movement of the Philippine and Indian plates, as well as spreading the south China Sea. All 3 of these things have happened by volcanoes and tectonic plates moving.

History of China

Since 1290 there has been 41 earthquakes recorded. The worse one is a magnitude of 8.0 but caused 800,00+ deaths. It is called Shaanxi. Anyways since 1290 there has been 1,925,417 deaths, 2,535,000 dollars worth damage, and the occurrence of an earthquake happening in China is 2 months for a small earthquake, and 1 year for a big earthquake. There are a few volcanoes in China But none are very big besides the mountain of volcanoes. In China the worse place to live is in the south-eastern part of the continent because that is where the Philippine plate and the European plate collide a lot.

Indonesia, the Tropical Killer

Why do people want to live their?

A place with exquisite beaches, alluring sunsets, and incredible views, this is Indonesia. This is only part of why people want to live their. Another reason people want to live their is that the people in Indonesia are outgoing and friendly. The next reason is that the cost of living is way cheaper than compared to say, the United States. A $150 hotel in Indonesia would cost $400 in the United States. Indonesia is an amazing and attractive place to live, but, that doesn't mean it’s not dangerous.

Plate Movement

Indonesia is surrounded by subduction zones, a place where a smaller plate is pushed underneath a larger plate. This causes earthquakes to happen. The earthquakes usually happen a few miles off of the South-Western coastline. Seismic waves cause tsunamis to rush to the land. The size of the tsunami depends on the force of the earthquake. Also with the earthquakes, come volcanos. Some earthquakes cause nearby volcanoes to erupts, adding to the destruction. After all, the plates created the volcano’s. Indonesia is located on the Indo-Australian plate, that explains all of the potentially destructive subduction zones. Now for the to talk about the damage done in Indonesia.

Why to avoid living their?

Indonesia’s sporadic tectonic activity has caused 309,452, 2 million homeless, and over 30 billion in damage. Most of these deaths came from the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, which killed 230,000 people, and caused over 14 billion dollars in damage. It was so powerful, it even caused the whole earth to shake 1 centimeter. The earthquake measured a 9.3 on the richter scale. Such a force that it caused earthquakes aftershock earthquakes to begin as far away as Alaska. The next deadly thing to talk about, volcano’s. Indonesia has 127 active volcano’s. The most deadly, “Tambora” erupted on April 10, 1815. The ash released raised the worldwide atmospheric temperature by as much as 0.7 celsius. It also affected crops worldwide, leaving the world in a partial famine. 92,000 people died in when all was said and done. Now, when thinking about traveling or moving to Indonesia, think of these things carefully.

Chile, the Beautiful But Devastating


Looking for a place to live? You want a place that usually has warm weather? Somewhere with nice ocean, beautiful beaches, and more? Well Chile would be a great choice, Here are some reasons why Chile can be a great place to live.

Scenery and Weather

Chile is home to 17.46 million people because it is a great country to live in. It was some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Chile has lots of nooks, bays, inlets, islands, cliffs, beaches, and long coastlines. Chile typically has fairly warm weather; it usually only gets as low 37 degrees and is around 86 degrees for the highest. Chile hardly ever gets any precipitation like frost or rain, but still does very little. During the months of June and July you will see some rain, and during months of June, July, and August (mostly July) you will see some frost. Chile is practically the complete opposite of North America when speaking of weather monthly. That means North America’s warmest month is Chile’s coldest, and Chile’s warmest is North America’s coldest. January is Chile’s warmest month and typically get’s weather up to 86 degrees. June is Chile’s coldest month and has weather that gets a high of 57 degrees.

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

After hearing all that good stuff about Chile you're probably thinking “what about the bad stuff, surely it isn't perfect.” Your right, chile may come close with all it’s beautiful beaches and such, but it isn't perfect. Chile does have some bad things, especially earthquakes and volcanoes. Chile’s biggest earthquake had a magnitude of 8.8 M. Most of Chile’s earthquakes have a magnitude of 7.3 M. The Westernmost of the ridges are formed by nist recently active volcanoes. Even though Chile has volcanoes and earthquakes, it is still a popular country; judging the population of 17.46 million people.

Choose Wisely!

This is why these places are so nice to live in, and also why people avoid going their. Sometimes, the most loving people are killed by an earthquake, volcano, or tsunami. The price for these places goes beyond money, the currency here is death. Things aren’t always as they seem. A once beautiful island can be a death trap. Always research an area before moving or traveling there, and be prepared.