People Watching Mystery

The Murder In The Greenwich Community

The peeper who solved a murder case

A man admits to killing his wife then cutting her up and hidding her body along the west river. We talked to L.B Jefferies a near by neighbor who solved the mystery. Jefferies statement says " it's a terrible thing mrs Thorwald murder. I shattered my leg a few months ago in a intense photo shoot at the near by race track when a car lost control. Therefore it left me locked up in that loft for six months nothing to do but read the news paper and gaze out the window all day. I quickly observed my neighbors every day life and gained more knowledge then I would have ever known of them. However back to the murder one night there was a loud scream we all look out our windows but see nothing. The next day I see Laurs Thorwald cleaning a saw and a couple of knifes when he was done with that he packed up all of his wife's belongs into luggages. The following night he took a lot of trips out with a suit case leave full come back and the suit case was empty. May I remind you this was not part of his daily routine. The next night the neighbors dog was digging in his flower bed. Next thing I know these a loud scream the owner of the dog found her dog brutally strangled." Lisa Fermont picks up where Jefferies left off and says " I was so curious as to what the dog was trying to dig up so I went on my way to check it out. There was nothing though so I knew mr Thorwald left his home and with the window open to so I climbed the later and got in. I looked all around looking for evidence when suddenly the door handle jingles he was back he walked in then saw me, he then slaps me and puts his hands around my throat gasping for air I thought it was over. When all of a sudden the police barge in. I was so thankful but they took me to jail! When I got down to the police station I gave them the ring and told them everything the released me and went after my sweet L.B only to find out that mr Laurs threw him out the window and shattered his other leg." That was it for the reliable sources mr Jefferies is still window watching with his Feance Lisa and for mr Thorwald well let's just say he's got a new home and partner.

Feminism now and then

The main differences in feminism today and in the 50s is a long list. In the 50s men wear over seas working so the women could not be house wife's and had to work. However they got paid less. And when the men got back from the war they all wanted their jobs back. The women were paid about 60% less then the men. They were also less likely to get the job. Nowadays women and men in the work force are pretty close to equality. There are still jobs for only women and only men. The feminization of a house wife or teacher or nurse being a women's occupation is still around.