Math Minutes Volume 20

Week of April 25th

More on Mindset

Working with a few special 5th graders these past few weeks has really reinforced my belief in the power of the growth mindset. I have loved watching student feel empowered at the idea that their brain is a muscle that can get stronger with practice!
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We all tend to lean on the "seesaw of mindset" at various times and in various situations. If you see yourself or your students are some things to try.
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Here is a great website dedicated to cultivating a growth mindset in mathematics.

Class Dojo and Mindset!

Class Dojo and Mindset

Here are a sample of some of the great videos that Carol Dweck's lab at Stanford created in partnership with Class Dojo. These videos include lesson plans and take-home discussion questions.
Growth Mindset for students - Episode 1/5
Growth Mindset for students - Episode 2/5
Growth Mindset for students - Episode 3/5
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End of the Year STEAM Projects

Here are a compilation of some projects that might align to some end-of-the year math objectives. If you have some projects that you are already doing, I'd love to support! Just let me know.