Santiago, Chile

By: Rachel and Brooke

History and Location of Santiago

Santiago, Chile, was founded in 1541 by Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdiva. Santiago is the capitol and largest city in Chile, and is located on the continent of South America, within the Southern Hemisphere. The Mapuche, are an indigneous group located in Chile and makes up about 80% of Chile's population, with about 8% in Santiago. The exact location of Santiago is 33° 26′ 0″ S, latitute, to 70° 40′ 0″ W, longitude.

Santiago Fun Facts

Population-About 5,278,044 people (7.2 million)

Average Precipitation- 33cm a year

Government-Representative Democracy

Independance date-September 18, 1810

Major Industries- Seafood, copper, wine, crops, wood

Major natural resources-Timber, minerals, oil

Main sport-Tenis

Major dance-Cueca

Take A Look Into The Beautiful City Of Santiago

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Palacio de la Real Audiencia

A place for people to learn more depth about Chile's history. Ancient weapons, agricultural tools, traditional dress, oil paintings, and more are displayed here, giving visitors an insight on how life was back then.