Tips to Improve Memory for Tests

Attention all students!!!!

Are you struggling to remember information?

Sometimes remembering information you need for tests and quizzes can be difficult. In order to better remember information you need to focus primarily on methods of retrieving information that involve recall and recognition. Recall is you ability to reconstruct material you have already learned. Often times you use confabulation to fill in gaps in your memory of these ideas, and schemas to understand general themes of ideas. Recognition is our ability to immediately understand information that is stored in our memory.

That's great....but how can I work on recognition and recall?

To improve your ability to recognize content you need to try to study and pay attention to all content. Do not allow outside distractions to impact your study periods. Focus on the content you are studying. Try to structure the information you are learning and make it organized in your brain so you will immediately be able to recognize it later on. To improve your ability to recall it is best to avoid studying in one night. Spread out your studying over a week or more. This will allow you to build on the information as you go, and if there are any gaps you can refer back to other things you may remember from that particular study session.