Louis Riel

Good Leadership Qualities

A good leader is:

-a good communicator









-and has an ability to inspire

Louis Riel Biography

Louis Riel returned to Red River in 1868 from Montreal, where he had been educated. He had become a lawyer, was fluent in both French and English, was an excellent orator (an eloquent public speaker) all at the age of 24. In October 1869, after telling surveyors on their land that they were trespassing, Riel formed the National Metis Committee in order to fight for Metis rights, including the right to their land. To ensure that the Metis would have a voice, Riel also decided to set up a provisional government. This government would help maintain order and would give the people of Red River the power to negotiate and agreement to enter Confederation. When Colonel Wolseley reached the Red River in late August, 1870, to keep the peace until the transfer of power to the provincial government was complete, at the orders of John A. Macdonald, Riel fled and remained in exile in the United States. In the spring of 1884, the Metis decided that they needed a leader who could get the government to pay attention to their petitions. That leader was Louis Riel. When a delegation led by Gabriel Dumont approached him, Riel agreed to return to Canada to fight on behalf of the Metis. That fall, Riel and William Henry Jackson, a representative of the local European farmers, collaborated on the Metis Bill of Rights. At this time Louis Riel sent Lawrence Clarke to give another petition to Ottawa and got the message that the only answer the Metis would receive for their petition was bullets and a force of 500 NWMP on their way to arrest him. After declaring that a peaceful solution was impossible, the Metis fought in a short, three day battle with the Canadian troops. Distraught over the Metis defeat and the loss of life, Riel surrendered on May 15, still hoping to bring the plight of his people to national attention-through a trial if necessary. After being taken to Regina to stand trial for treason Riel was sentenced to death and was hanged in Regina on November 6, 1885.

Louis Riel's Contributions to Canada

Louis Riel contributed to Canada by making the lives of the Metis better and giving them the rights that they deserved. He also contributed by setting a good example of what a leader should be. Louis Riel was a good leader because he was loyal and committed to his people until the very end. He was willing to go to trial even though it most probably meant the end of his life, in order to protect the rights of his people. He was a good communicator and had an ability to inspire those around him. He also knew when to stop fighting, he would rather surrender and save the lives of the surviving people than keep fighting just to make a point and to win the battle. He was confident that he could help his people and used that confidence to do just that. To help his people gain the rights that they deserved.

Louis Riel and Martin Luther King Jr. Comparison

Louis Riel was big on Metis human rights and Martin Luther King was big on black human rights. They both believed strongly that their people deserved the same rights as everyone else and they fought for it fiercely until the very end. They both made a difference and helped move everyone in the right direction to helping their people. They also both had a huge ability to inspire others. They both died doing what they thought was right and trying to help their people, King in an assassination and Riel by hanging. Despite this, they both left behind a legacy and are thought of often even today.