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October 18 2020

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Principal's Message

Dear HBP & MEC Community,

We are halfway through October and we have a beautiful fall week ahead! We have had a few of our students take the SRO survey but we have a goal of 100% of our student take the survey. Here is the Link We truly value your feedback and input. Below you will find staff Updates for the past two weeks of the work going on in our classrooms and programs. Students are doing a great job and we are proud of their efforts in this virtual time.

The following link has some guidance around Wednesdays and asynchronous learning.

High School Wednesday Schedule - Student & Family Guide If you have questions or concerns please reach out. A great resource of information is our school website. Link to School Website - you can find past newsletters under the quick links along with other important information.

Community is a large part of our alternative programs in the Hillsboro School District. We value partnerships with our families and encourage involvement. Ralph Medina our Grad Coach and Annie Wynne our Academic and Wellness Counselor started reaching out last week and will be reaching out more this week to students and families in the next week to gather input and feedback. WE GOT THIS! Thank you for all of your hard work supporting your students in these challenging times.

Tiffany Mosqueda

Alternative Programs Principal



The Hillsboro School District continues to plan and prepare for the return of students to the classroom in anticipation of eventually meeting required health metrics. Last week, the District’s Blueprint Planning teams reconvened to start talking about what will be needed for that to occur - everything from instruction to facilities to safety protocols, and more.

All students will remain in the Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) model through at least the end of Quarter 1 on Nov. 5, 2020. But what happens after that? According to current guidance, students in grades PreK through 3 cannot return to in-person learning until the following metrics have been met:

  • Washington County case rate of less than 30 per 100,000 of population in the preceding seven days for three weeks in a row
  • Washington County test positivity rate of 5% or less in the preceding seven days for three weeks in a row
  • COVID-19 is not actively spreading in the community
  • District is complying with sections 1-3 of Ready Schools, Safe Learnersguidance

To add back students in grades 4-12 to in-person learning, the threshold is higher:

  • Washington County case rate of less than 10 per 100,000 of population in the preceding seven days for three weeks in a row
  • Washington County test positivity rate of 5% or less in the preceding seven days for three weeks in a row
  • State test positivity rate of 5% or less in the preceding seven days for three weeks in a row

On Tuesday, Oct. 6, the Governor announced she would be revisiting the health metrics required for a return to in-person learning, but as of Oct. 12 new guidance had not yet been released.

It will likely require approximately five weeks to transition from CDL to in-person learning for students in grades PreK through 3 - three weeks to meet the required health metrics and up to two weeks of transition time. Other factors will certainly be considered in the decision and ultimate timeline, but this should provide families with a sense of how far out we may be looking. All students will likely be continuing in the CDL model for the beginning of Quarter 2, which starts on Nov. 9.

We will update you on our planning efforts as well as the health metrics each week from here forward. To see the full health metrics report, go to this dashboard and select Washington County from the drop-down menu.

HBP & MEC Monthly Update from Teachers

Annie's Update

We are happy to share that once again, the Hillsboro Elks are providing coats and holiday sponsorships for Hillsboro School District families. The holiday program can include resources for food gift cards and gifts for HSD students. These programs do have limited resources and require an application to be submitted by the school counselor. If your student is in need of a winter coat or your family is interested in being sponsored with food/gifts for the holidays, please contact Annie Wynne at wynnean@hsd.k12.or.us or 971-328-0651.

Penelope's Update SPED Case Manager

You can reach me via Email: at wynnsp@hsd.k12.or.us or by Google Voice #: (971)231-4822

Anya's Update on Early College High School

Students in the HSD Early College program have started their first full term of courses! They are working hard in classes and beginning to learn the skills needed to be independent college students. Along with their regular schedule, HSD EC students meet together two times per week in their "Introduction to College Success" and advisory classes.

GED Program Update - Freddy, Brandon, Dave and Stella

Students work on PLATO/EDMENTUM, 5 days a week.

· The goal is each student will earn their GED within three school months.

· Each student will work on GED assessment and study materials while in the GED Program.

First 30 minutes of class the teacher is available for Q&A and during office hours and via email

*** We are working on testing information and updates and more to come!

Trevor's Update

PE- I am continuing to encourage our students to be active and fill out our activity logs each week. We are also developing our Kinesiology vocabulary each week to better understand how we move and function. (Ask what the difference is between supination and pronation.)

Health- We are working through our Mental health unit. This is such an appropriate time to learn some skills in dealing with stress and other issues. At the end of October, we will be covering Adi's Law. It is a state mandate and the district's Health collaborative is working to finalize a curriculum to present on suicide prevention.

Sara's Update

New World of Work

New World of Work has completed units on self-awareness and adaptability. We're currently talking about communication and what that means in the work place.


It's officially October, which means the FAFSA and ORSAA have opened! Even if your class of 2021 student isn't sold on going to college next year, I highly recommend filling out the application. You never know how your plans could change over the next few months, and it also gives you an opportunity to see how much money you could be offered to go to school! Please reach out to Sara Franklin if you would like any support filling out either application: Franklis@hsd.k12.or.us or 971-231-5587

Brandi's Update

ELA9- We are continuing to analyze short stories but with an emphasis in dystopian/utopian literature. We have been having great discussions around these stories and how authors use this type of literature to express their views on society.

ELA12- We are continuing to listen to the Serial podcast as we examine evidence and arguments in the story. The students are having strong discussions around the plot and characters and using evidence from the story to support their claims.

Creative Writing- We finished our unit on poetry and are now starting a unit on fiction writing. Each student will be creating their own scary short story.

Kate's Update

In Financial Algebra, we've been taking a detailed look at savings options and interest rates.

In Algebra 1, we've begun exploring how to solve linear equations.

In Geometry, we've been starting to work with the building blocks of geometric ideas, like points, lines, and planes.

In Leadership, we've continued to explore our strengths and how that might guide us on a career path. We've also started to look at projects, and how someone might integrate their interests into a multi-dimensional project.

Connie's Update:

Agriculture--Finishing Animal Systems and transitioning to Plant Systems

Chemistry-Avogadro's number (Hoping to celebrate Avogadro's Day on 10/23) and transitioning to the Periodic Table.

Biology-(Bio)chemical processes: Photosynthesis/Respiration, Metabolism, Protein Synthesis

Leadership-Beginning writing learning plan

Advisory-Resume writing

Therese's Update

Spanish 1 students are learning how to talk about themselves and others in Spanish and are learning how to apply language through music.

Spanish 2 students are reading short stories in Spanish and discussing them in Spanish as well.

201 Leadership students are learning all about themselves with interest surveys, learning surveys, and discussing all the different things that influence us.

U.S. History students are exploring the events leading up to WWII and are beginning their projects soon.

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Hillsboro School District: Form to Request Resources / Distrito Escolar de Hillsboro: Formulario para solicitar recursos

During Comprehensive Distance Learning, please use this form if you would like to access resources from the closest HSD hub site near you. We will do our best to support families during this time, but we cannot guarantee a response to all requests.Use this link Request Family Resources

You will be contacted once your resources are located and ready for pick-up.

If you need assistance filling this survey out please contact:

Family and Community Engagement Office
503-844-1475 (Spanish/English Speaking Assistance)

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What does Lunch or Meals Look like this Fall?


  • During Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL), all meals will be delivered via bus routes. Deliveries will take place Monday through Friday on school days and will include both breakfast and lunch.

    Students will receive their meals free of charge.

    To find out the location and time of the meal delivery for your student, visit the MyBus Student Route Look-up tool on our website.

    In addition to bus routes, there will be 6 locations where students can pick up their meals from 11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.: RA Brown, Century, Lincoln Street, Poynter, South Meadows, and Evergreen.

  • ***Please Bring a bag to carry lunches is as the weather starts to get cold and rainy***

Technology Pick Up

What do I do if I need a chromebook?

Connect with your advisor or call 503-844-1680

You can come by MEC West between 9-2 during the school week

What do I do if my chromebook broke over the summer?

You will return it at one of the times listed above and we will get you a new one

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Safety Updates

School grounds are still closed including playgrounds.Washington county has not reached phase II, yet! Notification will come once they are open to the public.


ACT/SAT testing in Oregon is on pause until December.

GED Testing - they have started to Pilot Online Secure Testing -at this time students have to be can be 16,17 or 18 to take the GED test. They have to also pass a practice test with a specific score prior to being approved to take the official test. There are strict computer hardware and software guidelines as well. Please connect with your GED Teacher for more guidance and information. We are working on hosting testing at MEC West.

STATE TESTING - That is in the Spring Time

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Families qualifying for free or reduced lunch are eligible to receive a code good for six months of internet access through Comcast Internet Essentials. This is the fastest and most stable way to connect. Hotspots are also available to any family that needs an internet connection. Please inform your teacher during Welcome Back conferences or complete the Request for Resources form to indicate your interest.

Academic, Wellness & School to Career Counseling Updates

Annie's Update (Academic and Wellness Counselor)

If you or your student would like to make an appointment with our Academic & Guidance Counselor, Annie Wynne, you can make an appointment for a 20 minute video conference from this link: https://bit.ly/3hVjjX6

Community: Washington County Crisis Line (503-291-9111)

Oregon YouthLine (CALL 877-968-8491; TEXT ‘teen2teen’ to 839863 or CHAT oregonyouthline.org)

The Hawthorn Walk-In Center (503-846-4555)

Also, the HSD Care Coordinators help families find a good fit with counseling support in the community. Learn more about HSD's suicide prevention plan and resources here

Sara's Update(School to Career - STC)

FAFSA and ORSAA open on October 1, 2020!

If you have a student who will graduate this year and plans to continue their education next year, then you need to fill out either the FAFSA or the ORSAA. The FAFSA is a federal application that sees if your family qualifies for financial aid (grants and loans), while the ORSAA is the same but for Oregon specific financial aid. You only fill out one. See the flyer below to figure out which one you should fill out and what is needed for each. To figure out which parent or guardian should fill out the FAFSA, see the other attachment.

Paying for College Webinar Recording

ECMC previously hosted and recorded a Paying for College webinar for students and their families. Access the recording here. They plan to host another event later this fall. Time and date TBD.

We are scheduling virtual career and college visits for the fall. All visits are open to all HSD students in the district. Students can look at who is visiting that week and then click on the link to be taken to Google Meet or Zoom meeting (there is no pre-registration). Right now, it's really college heavy, but we are trying to get more trades on there:

Fall 2020 Virtual Career and College Visits

Additionally, the Chamber is still scheduling career events for students (Not all of the events work with our school schedule) but please feel free to attend ones that do work with your schedule

Hillsboro Chamber School to Career Events

(Students have to register ahead of time for these events.)

School Calendar 2020-21 School Year

Here is the LINK to the 2020-21 School calendar (revised 4/28/2020)

Upcoming Events

Oct. Observances: Bullying Prevention, Manufacturing, Fire Prevention Week, Teen Driver Safety Week, School Bus Safety Week

Oct 20 WL Henry food pantry open

to all in HSD 2:30-4:30pm

Oct 21 Superintendent Coffee Chat

(Virtual), 7:15-8:15am

Oct 23 Superintendent Coffee Chat

(Virtual), 1:30-2:30pm

Oct 27 Board work session, 5:15pm,

regular session, 7pm

Oct 29 Superintendent Coffee Chat

for Spanish-speaking Families

(Virtual), 6pm (contact Dora

López 503-844-1475 for more


Oct 31 Halloween; Dia de los

Muertos begins

Nov 1 Daylight Saving time ends

Nov. 3 general election

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