Math Assignment

Spring 2016

Who has the most toy jets?

Adair has 7 tens, 4 hundreds and 6 ones in toy jets. Jackson has 2 ones, 5 tens, and 3 hundreds in toy jets. Which one has the most jets?
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How did you decide what to do? The student read the information he was given. Then he read the question. By reading the question he knew that he must decide which student had the most jets.

Did you use more than one strategy? His strategies included underlining what he knew. He underlined 7 tens, 4 hundreds and 6 ones and 2 ones, 5 tens, and 3 hundreds. Then he drew T charts to fill in his values.

What helped him make sense of the problem? Lastly he remembered "the alligator ate the bigger number." This helped him make sense of the problem. So he found which number was greatest. He decided that 416 is greater than 352, so Adair has the greatest number of Jets.

The student didn't find any information that he didn't need. However, at one point before he drew his t-chart, he didn't place his numbers in the proper order. He realized it didn't make sense because he was supposed to have 5 tens instead of 5 hundreds so he drew the chart.

The teacher told him to explain what he did first, next and last. She failed to mention that the class was still working on the math problem.