Ellis Island, The Arrival

immigrants coming to America

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Ellis Island

Ellis island is an island in New York, you may also know Ellis island from immigration or a history book, but Ellis island was still a huge part of immigration back in the 1850s when immigrants arrived in New York city.

The arrival

The arrival was when immigrants arrived in Ellis island, or got close to New York. The immigrants would see the statue of liberty and start cheering and whistling, because the statue represented america and freedom. During the arrival there was 1, 2 ,and 3 class, the very lucky 1st class members would get off first, but the unfortunate 2 and 3 class got off last, and keep in mind there were a lot of immigrants on that ship!

What was it like for immigrants?

Immigrants had it hard

frequently asked questions

  1. Who was the first immigrant ? A 15 year old girl
  2. Was there child labor? yes, a lot
  3. Should I learn about immigrants ? YES , you should!

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