Stewart Stampede

August 2021 - #2

Meet The Teacher

Your child's new teacher will send out a special email on Friday, August 6th introducing themselves.

We will hold an event for students and parents to come into the building to meet their new teacher and see the classroom.

The days and times are staggered due to the large number of students and classrooms in our grade levels. We are also staggering the event by alphabet.

In addition, we are offering a time through Zoom for Meet the Teacher for students in 3rd - 6th grade for families unable to attend in person.

The days and times are all listed below.

PreK and Kindergarten

Monday, August 9th

Last name begins with:

A-L - 4:00-4:30PM

M-Z 4:30-5:00PM

First and Second Grade

Monday, August 9th

Last name begins with:

A-L 5:00-5:30PM

M-Z 5:30-6:00PM

Third through Sixth Grade

Tuesday, August 10th

Last name begins with:

Zoom Meeting 4:45-5:00 - teachers will send the link

A-L 5:00-5:30PM

M-Z - 5:30-6:00PM

We are also asking that families limit the number of people to two (2) adults for each child and to avoid bringing younger or older siblings to maintain lower numbers in the building.

The PTO will be delivering pre-purchased school supplies to your child's classroom before "Meet the Teacher." Please feel free to bring your purchased school supplies that evening or on the first day of school.

Parents who are waiting to meet the teacher in various grade levels are welcome to wait on either the front or back porch.

Be sure to stop at Angie Creech's table for your car rider and biker/walker tags.

First Day of School

The first day of school is Wednesday, August 11. Our students will be arriving by bus, walking or through the car line on the first day of school.

For those families who want to walk their child into the building on the first day, we have established staggered arrival times to ensure a safe transition. If your last name begins with...

A-G - 7:30-7:45AM

H-P - 7:45 - 8:00AM

Q- Z -8:00 - 8:15AM

We are also asking that families limit the number of adults to two (2) and younger siblings coming into the building in order to minimize large crowds.

If you do not plan to walk your child to class, students may be dropped off through the car line as early as 7:30AM. Bus riders will also begin arriving as early as 7:30AM.

Students will not be counted tardy if they arrive before 8:30AM.

In order to establish our morning procedures, as soon as possible, we will be asking that all parents allow their child to walk independently to their classrooms on the second day of school. We will have several staff members prepared to help any child who needs assistance getting to their room.

IMPORTANT - How Will Your Child Get Home On the First Day of School and Beyond?

Please be sure to complete the survey to communicate transportation to your child's teacher. We want to be prepared for dismissal before the first day of school and each day after. Use the link below to submit your information.

Information About Car Arrival and Dismissal

Please refer to the links below for all car rider procedures.

Parents or Guardians must have a Stewart issued car rider tag to pick up a student through the car line. These tags will be available for you to pick up during our Meet the Teacher event. You may also come to the campus during the school day if you need a car rider tag.

Morning Car Procedures:

Morning Car Arrival Map:

Afternoon Car Procedures:

Afternoon Car Dismissal Map:

Change of Transportation

If you need to change the way your child goes home during the school day, please email Angie Creech at before 1:30PM. She can only make changes from a written or emailed request. Please refrain from emailing your child's teacher to change the way they go home during the school day as they may not see the communication until we are finished with dismissal.

Dress Code Reminders

We love warm weather! Here are just a few reminders as you're shopping for school clothes. These are in addition to the dress code that is included in the Conroe ISD Student Code of Conduct.

1. Shorts must the be mid-thigh length.

2. Mid-drift and halter tops are not allowed.

3. Muscle shirts are not allowed.

4. Spaghetti straps or straps that are not at least the width of two adult fingers are not allowed.

5. Jeans with rips or holes that are above the mid-thigh are not allowed, unless there is a patch under the rip or fray.

6. Sandals and flip flops are not allowed at school. Toes may not be exposed.

7. Work out type yoga pants or leggings are allowed ONLY if the length of the shirt/top reaches the top of the thigh.

8. Hair must be a natural color. Pink, blue, green, not a natural hair color and therefore not appropriate for school.

9. Undergarments should not be visible.

10. Make-up is not allowed. Our Mustangs are natural beauties!

A complete dress code requirement list will be sent to you during the first week of school.

COVID-19 Safety Information

We are excited to welcome students back to our buildings on Wednesday, August 11th! Our goal is to provide the safest learning environment for our students and staff. With the rise of COVID-19 cases in our community, we continue to encourage hand washing and staying home when sick. Wearing a mask or face covering, while optional, is also encouraged. These measures helped keep our schools open last year, and we are confident they can help slow the spread this year.


Our school nurse is on campus. You are welcome to bring medications to the school before school begins or during the Meet the Teacher event.

Please remember that students should NEVER transport medications to school themselves.

Biker/Walker Information

Please note that parents/guardians must complete a waiver in order for their student to be released as a biker or a walker. These waivers will be available for you to complete at the exit door on the first day of school.

Parents must come to the exit door to meet any student who is in preK, Kinder or 1st grade each day. These students will not be allowed to walk home without a parent/guardian present.

Dismissal Tags

Dismissal tags will be attached to your child's backpack. This tag has a unique barcode that we use to scan your child as they exit the building. This is a safety procedure for us so we know how each child left the campus every day. Please help us by ensuring the tag remains on the backpack so there are no delays during dismissal.

Additional End of School Day Dismissal Procedures

Students are only dismissed as a:

Bus Rider

Car Rider


Day Car

Parents should not come to the front door during dismissal to pick up their child.

Picking up Early for Appointments

Early pick up must take place before 2:15PM.

School Hours

8:00 AM - 3:10 PM

Restart the Grade

During the recent legislative session, Senate Bill 1697 established new Texas Education Code (TEC), §28.02124, Parental Option for Student Retention, which allows parents or guardians to opt to have their child:

  • repeat prekindergarten;

  • enroll in prekindergarten if the child was eligible to enroll in prekindergarten in the previous school year, under TEC, §29.153(b), and has not yet enrolled in kindergarten;

  • repeat kindergarten;

  • enroll in kindergarten if the child would have enrolled in kindergarten in the previous school year and has not yet enrolled in first grade;

  • for grades one through three, repeat the grade the student was enrolled in the previous school year;

  • for grades four through eight, repeat the grade the student was enrolled in during the 2020-2021 school year; and

  • for courses taken for high school credit, repeat any course in which the student was enrolled during the 2020-2021 school year.

To learn more, please visit TEA’s Restart Kindergarten (Links to an external site.) or Repeat a Grade or Course (Links to an external site.) webpages. Please note: UIL eligibility may be impacted by repeating a course or grade. Check UIL’s website (Links to an external site.) regularly for updates.

Please contact our registrar, Karen Scambray, right away if you feel this is the best choice for your child.

Volunteering in CISD

We are looking forward to having volunteers on our campus this year. If you want to volunteer you must complete Volunteer in CISD - Background Check.

In addition, we have a new system on campus to check in all visitors. All visitors must present a valid driver's license or ID each time to visit the campus.

Free Breakfast and Lunch Continues

Breakfast and lunch will continue to be provided for all students free of charge. Many children took advantage of this last year and we're excited to hear it will continue again this school year.

Safety Tips from Officer Bass


Pay close attention to direction from the officer, especially during weather events.

Please observe all traffic control devices and directional signs. Please do not move cones.

Please do not U-Turn on Woodforest Parkway NW near the school, or in the Children’s Lighthouse daycare parking lot. Use Biltmore Loop or Cheswood Forest as an alternate.

Please exit with a RIGHT TURN when leaving during school hours, including at take-up and dismissal.


If you are picking up students early, prior to 2:30PM, please follow the directional signs and turn left to park in the front parking lot. Please do not enter the car rider line for early pickups.


The car rider line will continue the same traffic flow plan that was implemented last year. See the maps that are included in the lines above.


All vehicles will enter one primary lane during take-up from Fish Creek Thoroughfare and Woodforest Pkwy NW. Please watch for direction from the officer.


All vehicles coming from Fish Creek Thoroughfare will enter the BLUE lane. Please observe all traffic control devices and directional signs. Please do not move cones. Please stay to the right.

All vehicles coming from Woodforest Parkway NW will enter the MAROON lane. Please stay close to the cones, and keep right so outbound traffic can safely exit.

From the PTO

Dear Stewart Mustang Families,

We are so excited to embark on a “back-to-normal” school year! We have many fun events planned and look forward to partnering with our families, teachers, and staff to make this year a great one!

Stay Connected with PTO

Join our facebook group, Jean E Stewart Elementary PTO, at and follow us on instagram at @StewartElementaryPTO. To join a PTO committee, sign up at

PTO Silent Auction

We are planning our Fall Silent Auction and would love your support! Do you have sports tickets? Event tickets? Services you can donate? Gift cards? We still need items and baskets! We are a 501(c)(3) organization so your donations are tax deductible. Please email at Our silent auction will run from August 23 - September 3. We have many amazing donations so far. We will also have parking spots, dismissal fast passes, reserved seats for school events, and many other fun things to auction off!

School Supplies

We sold over 560 school supply packs! PTO uses all profits from school supplies to give right back to our teachers. Due to the success of our sales, each teacher will be given $50 to choose items or supplies they need for their classrooms!

Stewart Spirit Wear

Our new Stewart Spirit Wear will be available for pre-order beginning August 1! We are so excited to introduce new designs and several different shirt options and hoodies. All orders will be placed online at after August 1. All new 2021-2022 Spirit Wear will be pre-order only.

Meet the Teacher

PTO will be set up at Meet the Teacher on August 9 and 10. We will have yard signs and decals for sale! We will also have Spirit Wear samples. Come check out what we have to offer!