Save more by saving energy

The right kind of light :)

a good way to save money and energy is by switching to LED light bulbs. these types of light bulbs save energy and will be better for the environment. these LED lights (light emitting diodes) last 10 times longer than your average fluorescent bulb. some of the benefits of having these LED bulbs include:

-they are mercury free

-they are durable

-long lasting

-uses less kwh over hours

-cheaper at 0.10 per kwh

by using these light bulbs you will be saving the environment and saving yourself money.

but light bulbs are not the only way to save energy and money.

BUT, if we don't do something to change we are putting ourselves at serious harm. your common CFL bulb will burn out at 5.1% of its lifespan, also as it is being used it emits an extremely harmful chemical known as electromagnetic radiation and ultra violet light. these symptoms could already aggravate the skin of people who already suffer from skin conditions and make people extra sensitive to light. these bulbs emit a poisonous liquid metal known as mercury. even small amounts of mercury is a problem for landfill and waste incinerators. this mercury is very dangerous because too much exposer of the skin can lead to problems because mercury can be absorbed by the skin and if it becomes a mercury vapor then it can be inhaled and getting it in your longs Is far more dangerous than absorbing t in your skin. it could mess u your liver, kidneys, and mess up your nervous system.

Dont make the water hotter, make it colder!!!

the newest type of shower head faucets use about 1 gallon per Minute. so a ten minute shower is using 10 gallons and 1 gallon is 16 cups so 10 gallons is 160 gallons of water. so showering for an extra minute just increases it by 16 each time so showering for 20 minutes is 320 gallons which if converted to pounds is 8.34 PER GALLON. So by showering for 5 minutes, once a day you will be saving lots of water than having a shower of over 10 minutes.

But that's not all of our water problems, you can also save water when doing the laundry in cold water. if you do the laundry in cold water and use tide you will be saving a lot of water while still getting as clean as your clothes would get in hot water. tide proves that by using cold water to clean laundry you will save money and get the same clean.

considering earth is mostly water and only 3% is drinkable while the rest is ocean, we need to do something to preserve this 3% for as long as we can and hopefully make it 5% with updated technology by the year 2050, because if we don't we will be in a lot of trouble.