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How Faith Causes People to do Crazy Things


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I have conducted a multi genre project over how faith causes people to do crazy things. I have researched specific religious faiths from both Islamic and Christian point of views. To understand the extremes of the religions I looked into 9/11, the crusades, and christian martyrdom. I wanted to see both sides and understand faith through their eyes. Throughout the project, I have come to terms on what the word “crazy” really means and how some people choose to give up and sacrifice even their own lives for what they believe in wholeheartedly. I hope you observe my minute products that make my project complete and understand more on how faith causes people to make decisions that seems crazy to the outside world

Death in the Rain

By Melody Siebenmann

Cold darkened eyes pierced the depth of my soul

He demanded I tell him where I stand

His heart had been blackened as dark as coal

I cried, knowing he would not understand

The choice might be unwise, but not to me

I will never on earth be moved astray

From the God who gave me life, can’t you see?

I would much rather die than turn away

I stand up to face the horrible man

”yes”, I say and whisper a small prayer

I know I will, I know I can withstand

I shudder shivering in bleak despair

I hear a shot and my chest swells with pain

I look to heaven and die in the rain

Research Connection

Many christians lay down their lives as a martyr daily for their faith in Jesus Christ.The incident that happened in “Death in the Rain” could have taken place in 53 countries today (Jesus freaks). 14 of the 24 people who took my survey agreed that there is a cause worth dying for. Only 5 of the 24 listed faith as one of those causes (MGP Response)(How Faith Causes People to do Crazy things Survey). The term “crazy” literally means senseless and impractical (Crazy). Considering that only 5 people would even consider giving up their life for their faith, martyrdom is rare and not the ordinary occurrence. For these people would “rather die than turn away” from their belief because their faith is so strong that they decide to end their life on earth knowing they did not deny it (Siebenmann).

Allahu Akbar

By Melody Siebenmann

I step out of the taxi and breathe in the Boston air as I stare at the Logan International Airport. "Oh Lord, I ask you for the best of this place, and ask you to protect me from its evils," I say as Osama bin Laden had directed. We must be tranquil, optimistic, and constantly remembering Allah and the prophet, peace be upon him. I have spent countless hours getting my visa from Germany and further preparing for what is to happen. For, today is the day that I, Mohamed Attah, become a great martyr.

These people are Satan’s allies, nothing but animals. No wonder Allah wants them dead I think as I feel the cold steel of the box cutter. We head towards our seats on the aircraft.

We have just left the airport and are now high enough to move through the craft without seat belts. We share a glance, it is time. Waleed and Wail al-Shehri get up and stab the flight attendants quickly in the neck. I rise and make my way to the cockpit. I walk up behind the co pilot and pilot and shriek in a loud voice “Allahu akbar!” as I efficiently slash them in the neck, heart, and stomach. They fall, dead. I reach for the controls and after making an announcement to the infidels on board that we are heading back to the airport; I make a 100 degree turn to steer the boeing 767 towards New York.

"No prophet should have prisoners until he has soaked the land with blood,” I read as I stroke my leather Koran. Trust me Allah, I will make you pleased; there will be many dead today I think happily. We will die with great honor and then go to paradise and live as Osama had said. I give a few encouraging words to my companions; we are ready.

I look out the window and see two dark structures looming before me. With a deep breath I whisper my final words:“There is no God but God, Muhammad is his messenger"... and steer flight 11 straight into the north tower of the World Trade Center.

Research Connection

On 9/11 people saw the hijackers insane for killing themselves and thousands of other people with it. Every single person who took the survey of the MGP topic agreed that the terrorist attack that happened at the world trade center, the pentagon, and in a field in Pennsylvania, is insanely crazy or near to it (MGP Response)(How Faith Causes People to do Crazy Things Survey). The hijackers and pilots who took over the planes were lead to believe that “no prophet should have prisoners until he has soaked the land with blood,” “God was satisfied with them,” and they were offering “good deeds and obedience” to Allah. They fully believed that they would “die with great honor and then go to paradise and live”(Bin Laden). Their faith caused them to not only send thousands of Americans to their deaths, but also to sacrifice their life as well.

Two Sides

By Melody Siebenmann

A bloody scene of the first crusade is depicted. On one side are the crusaders and the other side are Muslims. Both sides believed that Jerusalem is a sacred place and should be controlled by their ethnic group. The Christians believed it was God’s holy war and even the pope encouraged it. For the Muslims, Jerusalem is their third most holy city because it is where Muhammad rose to heaven. Both sides had faith that they were the ones who should control the city, even through war and death.

Research Connection

Their are 2 sides to every story. In the case of the crusades, both ethnicity groups, Islam and Christianity desired to have the “sacred” city of Jerusalem for a reason. The Christians had enough faith to travel all the way across the sea and march to the city as so do the Muslims with defending the city valiantly and conquering it numerous times. They both believed their God wanted them to have Jerusalem and the tragedy of the desire went on for centuries. Jerusalem was constantly being fought over and “blood was running ankle-high in the streets”(Jerusalem Besieged).Their faith caused a war that would seem crazy now considering the religious groups spent thousands on resources and the Holy Wars killed numerous Christians and Muslims. “Even through war and death,”both sides had faith that they were the ones who should control the city”(Siebenmann).

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