The #EitnerEDU Review

~Bouncing back from COVID edition~

From the Proprietor

Greetings! I hope this finds you well and safe. We all know that we are in times that we’ve never experienced. The isolation. The uncertainty. The academic teaching at home by some of those who are not in the profession. Globally, we have also come to terms that in moving forward our lives will be changed in all capacities, including education. Our nation has recently been reminded just how vital schools really are. Families and communities need schools to be ready to reopen as soon as public health officials signal that it is safe. Schools are fasteners for students with their peers, harness their energy into academic enrichment, and provide parents the ability to participate in the workplace. Hence, opening up our school doors in a manner that is safe for students, families, and the community will involve challenges that we have not faced before. It is paramount that school administration and their Board of Education begin planning at once. Adapting to the setbacks of COVID gives schools a chance to both fully utilize educational technology and ascertain community partnerships. This is a moment when school districts must harness ways to ensure that children get back to their daily routine as much as possible. There are 10 areas where educational stakeholders must focus on for that to happen, and that work should have started yesterday. The following are areas that are in need of immediate attention in order to move onward:

  • digital equity
  • a solid distance learning plan
  • vaping
  • SEL and suicide awareness
  • meal deployment
  • vertical articulation
  • relevant professional development
  • consistent communication
  • hiring nurses or implementing telehealth services
  • conducting virtual Board of Education meetings

Eitner Education is proud to announce that this 10-step plan is available for schools and districts. You can learn more about it by clicking the link below.

While COVID has altered our educational universe, it does not have to derail it. As we gradually get back to our new normal, allocating time to the concepts above will help all educational stakeholders to grow, learn, and move onward in a way that we are ready to prevail in any future educational crisis.

Yours in Education,

Jay Eitner, Ed.D.

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