September 16 - September 22, 2013

Principally Speaking

- Feeling overwhelmed? We are all ears! As it is usual, every in school year there are new initiatives and tools that schools introduce to improve academic achievement. NRES will embrace these initiatives one day at a time. We are all learning together and will move forward one step at a time. Among these initiatives we have vested lesson plans, edmodo, Google Drive, Baldrige, Number Talks, CPAA, and Gradebook among others. Please make sure your concerns are communicated with grade level chairs and we will find proactive solutions to bumps we find on the road.

- It's unanimous! The votes are in! It was the best training provided by the district in years! By talking us through the heat mapping process, Lead4ward was able to demonstrate where our school needed to concentrate our professional learning and teaching to improve student achievement. We will be demonstrating the process during October faculty meetings. The content committees will also be heat mapping to present our strengths and areas of growth.

- October 4th was originally scheduled as a half-day planning day. However, we have heard your voice. It was been suggested the day be reserved for parent-teacher conferences. Please discuss amongst your grade and decided what you would prefer to do. We are flexible. If you would like to do some planning and then conduct conferences, that is fine as well. Each grade level chairperson, please keep us informed of your decision.

NRES Exemplary Lessons in Action

Relevance is one of the 4 Rs that represent our school theme this year. It has been amazing to see your efforts to embrace the importance for our students to make connections with their learning.


Baldridge Continous Improvement: Please continue to create a mission statement for your classroom. We are still expected to continue to promote using these tools in the classroom. Baldrige Tools

PDAS: Please make sure you have read your PDAS domain to share and be ready to evaluate teachers on the videos! Your appraiser will start setting meetings with you to discuss this year's individual evaluation expectations.

Daycards: Please post your schedule this week outside your room with the times you are teaching each subject.

Educator and staff of the month: Click the following links to submit your nominations for educator and other staff member of the month. Please submit by September 24.

- Educator of the month-September

- Staff of the month

Want to submit a grant proposal? The Foundation will host an Innovative Grants Orientation Workshop at 4 p.m. Wednesday, October 2 in the Education Center Board Room (Rock Gym) to assist teachers in developing their grant ideas.

Lesson Plans: Monitoring will start this week. You may use Forthought and/or uload a VESTED template as well.

TOP ROCKET: Please submit your nomination for Top Rocket for the first six weeks by September 24 by using this link TOP ROCKET

Weekly Happenings

Monday: TPRI/Tejas Lee BOY Testing Window continues


  1. PLCs at your planning time!
  2. Techno Tuesday KISD Webinar- After School- must enroll to receive the link to join from any internet computer. Edmodo Beginning for PK-6 click here to register. Edmodo Advance PK-6 click here to register.


  1. Bilingual Meeting @ Annex at 3:30pm
  2. KISD Special Education Teachers 4:00pm at EDC- Annex Click here to register


  1. ROCK Event at 9:00am. All students and staff outside. More information to come.
  2. PTA Fundraiser starts!
  3. Staff meeting: please make sure you have read your PDAS domain to share.

Friday: Picture Day!

Where is Admin this week?

Monday: Jackie @ Title 1 meeting at CES - morning


Wednesday: Jackie @ GAM all day


Friday: Oliver @ Annex - morning - SpEd. meeting

September Staff Birthdays

Debbie Smith 9/20

Delia Ortega 9/24

Amber Richards 9/25

Janice Freeman 9/27

Aida Hernandez 9/28

lead4ward STAAR Design and Rigor