The Glam Squad Times!

Sprint to the Finish in June!!

Hey Gorgeous Glam Girls!! Happy June!!

Can you believe it?!? Where has the time gone? It's June already, and the brand new Fall collection is just around the corner!! I don't know about you guys - but I'm SO freakin' excited!! And I'm EXTRA excited with all the incentives there are for us to earn tons of that bling for FREE - Yahoo!!

Before we dive into June though - I just need to say, that you guys really did make May MARVELLOUS!! You are so amazing, seriously - with tons of you qualifying (selling $500) and earning free product credits, new stylists getting off to an incredible start, and even promoting in their Jumpstart!! Out...of...control!!

I don't know about you - but I've been incredibly inspired by seeing the teams that have rallied to reach goals together and lift their teams to the next level in May. Girls - I think this is OUR month to be a part of an ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR team!! With the incredible Jen Pearce and her team shooting for STAR (Go Jen and team GO!!) - I know we can all make it happen together!

Every phone call, every sale, every bit of outreach counts! Who knows - you might meet the newest stylist for YOUR team at Starbucks today!! Have those mini lookbooks on hand! If you want to dive in more - here's an amazing June success plan for you to follow - even if you set your goal to qualify - that's awesome!

And with the more we do - the more free bling we earn for the new collection. Seriously?? How can a gig get any better than this?? Let's have fun - and make great things happen together!! I'm here for any help you might need too!!

I'll be keeping you up to date through the month - and setting up coaching calls too - so stay tuned!!

Wishing you the most wonderful month!!

XO MairiAnna

P.S. I know you're waiting for it...We have some winners!!!! Keep reading to see who won the amazing prizes in last month's incentives!! Congratulations!!

A sparkly GLAM SQUAD welcome to our newest stylists!!
  • Andrea McPherson - from Etobicoke, ON
  • Tina Watson - from Quispamsis, NB
  • Heather Gibson - from Port Sydney, ON

We have an exciting journey ahead!! Make sure you're off to a great start!! Check out New Stylist Training in the Stylist Lounge, the Getting Started Guide and make sure you're taking advantage of our amazing Jumpstart Program!! Also, make sure you friend me on Facebook, so I can add you to the Glam Squad Page, AND add you to the Couture Club and Canada Stylist Page as well!!


What AMAZING achievements by so many of you in May - congratulations to Dolce Marini - who promoted to Lead Stylist in her first month!! (I need a picture of you Dolce!! XO) AND to these three Glam Girls!!

And finally....DRUMROLL PLEASE....

Congratulations to the winners of our May Challenge!! Together (through sales, sponsoring, and #of trunk shows) you amassed more than 60 ballots!! Results were certified by Dimitrios Evangelou & Associates (a.k.a. my husband Jimmy did the official draw - I don't know why the pic won't go straight) and the winners of our great prizes are:

  1. Red Ikat "How Does She Do it" - Dolce Marini
  2. Navy Ikat "Hang On" - Lorna DePetrillo
  3. Elephant "Bring It" (I think I mistakenly pictured the pouf) - Jen Bachynsky

Seriously...maybe luck of the new Lead Stylists?? Way to go girls - and way to go EVERYONE!! Let's bring out team to the next level this month and earn TONS of product credit for the new fall line!!

This is IT! Let's make this happen!! The thing I love about this company - is that the better we all do...the better we all do! Know what I mean? Let's stack up the rewards, share the opportunity, and shoot for the Stars!! This is OUR month Glam Girls!!