M-STEP Meetings

Monday, January 11th & Wednesday, January 13th

Schedule (All Meetings in Elementary Conference Room, in Elementary Office)


8:05-11:05 ELA--Waterman, Fuhrman, Ressler

11:45-3:10 Social Studies--VanBuskirk, Muxlow, Ressler, Fuhrman


8:05-11:05 Math--Burkowski, Geiger, Banyas, Welke

11:45-3:10 Science--Linck, Haxer, Burton, McClintic

**Please plan to just take your lunch with you if needed, and also allow time for the sub to take lunch from 11:10-11:40**

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  • Look at and breakdown the M-STEP data--looking for tendencies, trends, areas of concern, areas tested well, etc.
  • Develop an M-STEP plan on the standards and concepts you will focus on prior to your grade(s) testing
  • Setting up scheduled times to be in sign-up lab to do practice tests and getting kids familiar with the tech tools and format of the test.
  • Look at areas of concern or strength across grade levels that we need to focus on as a district
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