CCK Discovery

With Madisen Arendt

Class Schudle

In the beginning of Discovery we will get with hiking parteners, and we will go hiking for 15 minutes. Then we will start hiking back to the campsite and I will hand out tickets for the arcade in the afternoon

Class Parteners

People in the Advanced Group has to buddy up with a student in the begginer class if we have one. I will chose the parteners for Beginners. Anybody left out will be withe me.

Hiking Rules

When we are hiking there are some rules said by the adults that we need to fallow.

- We all need to stick with our parteners and the group.

- We need to tell the adults when we leave and when we come back.

- We need to be back by the time Discovery is over.

Back in time!

When we get back we will have 10 minutes left of class. I will had out coins for the arcade that will happen in the afternoon. Then I will dismiss the Student that is teaching class next. If we have time we have a choice of what we can do.


Here is a list of things of things we can do when we are done and have EXTRA TIME:

-Go on a bike ride

-Play a game

-Sit and talk

-Or something else