True Colors Blue

Abby Armstrong

Over View of my color

I think this is a right color for me. I am a very unique person. Compasonite and warm describes me. I always help my grandma because I love her. I can be very sympathetic. I'm very unique because I want to be my own person.

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Childhood and Relationships

I disagree with this for my childhood. I did very well in school, I did not struggle. I was always a all A's student. But I do agree with relationships. I have not been in many. I like the little gifts. I really like flowers I have received before.

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Work,Leadership styles

I kinda agree with my work styles. I am a very hard worker, but I don't like the arts I rather be playing sports, like volleyball. I like helping my teachers out in class whenever I can. I work really good with other people. I like working in groups in class, so I can be the leader.

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Symptoms of A Bad Day

I do not agree with this. I do not scream and yell when I have a bad day. I'm very quiet when i'm sad. After I day I usually take a nap, I don't cry. Also I hate lying. My Mom can tell when I lie, so I try not too.

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Thought About My Color

I think the three that best fit me are compassionate, warm and imaginative. The three I am not like are peaceful, flexible and idealistic. A good job for me would be a teacher. My color my affect me at work by having a strong desire to impact others, encouraging my students to do great. Also the negative side of my color would be day dreaming when having a bad day and not liking the arts and poetry could be a negative.