Millard Fillmore

the 13th presedent

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before preidentcy

Millard Fillmore was born on January 7th, 1800 in Cayuga contrey, new York in small cabin. one of nine Children, son of Nutaneil Fillmore and phoebe Fillmore. he attended one room school but could not attend college dew to a poor family.he had worked as Clothmaker and soon became a lawyer in late 1830's. at age 13 he studied politics. at age of 39 he decided to run for president.he married Abigail Fillmore.

during Presidency

he was a Canidit of the whig party and when the votes were counted, Millard Fillmore was voted vice president over Mexican war hero, Zachery Taylor. when Zachery Taylor suddenly died in office(1850), Millard Fillmore was made president. He wanted to stop the north and the south to stop fighting so he paid these bills

1.admit Californa as a free state

2.settle the Texas boundaryand compensate her

3.grant territorial Status to new Mexico