Friday Notes for LMS Staff

October 20, 2017

Link to Lion Share (Parent Newsletter)

Binder check for Wednesday, October 25: Science

Upcoming Meetings:

Monday October 23 : Leadership

Wednesday October 25: Work it Wednesday- Explos included (Spannagel in all sessions)

Design Meeting in the library 8am or 3:55 pm in the library

Cain's Chicken Night for PTA

Eat dinner at Cain's chicken on Alameda and 12th on October 24 from 5- 9 pm for a PTA fundraiser. Make sure to let them know you are from Longfellow.

PTA Support

Our PTA will be assisting with a $50 grant for your classroom. You may submit receipts to the PTA box with your name or you may go to Copelins Office Supply store where your name is on file. Forms are by the boxes. All receipts are due by December 1.

To join PTA, see Linda for the forms. It's only $6 for a teacher membership and includes a shirt.

Altered Schedule for October 25th for PSAT testing

Due to 8th grade PSAT testing, we will run an altered schedule. See below. It's also listed in the google classroom.
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New Flex Classes

New flex classes will start this next week to begin the new quarter. There will be no learner success meetings to allow for introductions of new courses.

Middle School Collaboration Days

The following departments will meet for collaboration days at Norman High School in room 703. Please get with Linda to get a subcode. Please do not wait to put in for a sub. As soon as you get the code, put it into SmartFind.

  • October 30 & December 1: Science Department
  • October 16 & November 13: Language Arts Department
  • October 23 & November 17: Math Department
  • November 6: Social Studies Department (another day will be coming)
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LMS Help Desk through iTech goes live!

If you are having problems with your MacBook or need assistance from someone in iTech, get help at This is for students only. You can continue to use for staff assistance.
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Student Design Team

Student Design Team will meet in the library on Monday during Den Time. I'll send a list through email and will make an announcement.
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Red Ribbon Week

Wednesday: Drugs Ruin Dreams: dress as your favorite team

Thursday: Red, White, & Blue Drugs are not for you: dress in red, white, & blue

Friday: Drugs are Wack, Stay in a Pack: Dress as a squad

Monday: Don't Do Drugs or Booze, Just Hit Snooze: Dress in your pj's

Tuesday: Go Trick or Treating, Not Drug Eating: Dress in your favorite costume

*Reminder that all dress up costumes must be school appropriate. No all over facepaint or masks. No play weapons or blood. No scary costumes. If you are not sure, ask a principal.

Looking for furniture

We are looking for a sofa table or entry table for the front office. I am willing to paint it. IF you are thinking of cleaning out, let us know first.