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iPrep: Geometry

The best way to practice Geometry!

iPrep: Geometry

The best way to practice Geometry!

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About iPrep: Geometry

Need to hone your Geometry problem solving skills or prepare for High School and Competitive exams? Are you scheduled to take standardized tests or other entrance tests in the near future? Download iPrep Geometry now!

This App is an excellent resource that tests you in high school geometry and helps you gain proficiency.

iPrep Geometry comes with a question bank that helps students prepare for Geometry high school course exams as well as several worldwide math competitions, tournaments, math olympiad, entrance tests, etc. All tests present challenging problems that encourage higher levels of critical thinking.

Some of the topics covered in this App are:

Ø Area

Ø Surface area

Ø Perimeter

Ø Volume

Ø Radius

Ø Volume and surface area of similar solids

Ø Perimeter, area, and volume: changes in scale

Ø Pythagorean theorem

Ø Pythagorean theorem: word problems

Ø Similar figures: side lengths and angle measures

Ø Similar triangles and indirect measurement

Ø Dilations and scale factors

Ø Area and perimeter of similar figures

eNovates Proprietary iPrep Framework features

Practice Tests: These tests are for practice and will have 10 Random questions with instant access to the solution (steps to solve a problem) or the answer, after each question is answered. This will help students figure out if they solved the problem in the correct method and also where mistakes were made. This helps the student to get a feel for the questions they will encounter in the “ Test” Section.

Take a Test: Test mode will have 20 Questions and students can only view solutions/answers after submitting a test.

Solutions: Instant remediation is available at the end of each test in test mode and at the end of each question in the practice mode. With this the students learning will be more efficient and productive since everything you need to know is in front of you.

Help: This section describes how you can use the app and offers guidance on all features of the App.

Customer Reviews

loved the questions ★★★★★

by Mathwiz! - Version 1.0 - Dec 7, 2012

Being a math nerd I have never been challenged like I am with this app .. The questions made me think really hard. I love the app design. The whiteboard and review features made it easy for me to solve problems and check how I did. I even learnt a few tricks that will help me in my tests. I loved that I could first practice and then take the test. Calling all Math nerds to download this app…

Great App! ★★★★★

by seehowi - Version 1.0 - Dec 1, 2012

This was a fun app with some really challenging questions! The app it self is really smooth with Practice & Test modes. The whiteboard helped me solve the questions. I was quite amused by the colored whiteboard markers and I could add 10 whiteboard pages also expand it to full screen so I could do as many calculations as I wanted. The app provides the facility to review my work as well as shows the way to solve the problem if I made a mistake. I can't believe this is a free app, I wouldn't mind paying for it.