Digital Coaches' Corner

Week 20 4/28/2015

End of Year PARCC Testing

The high school just completed the end of the year PARCC test. The testing went very smoothly with only a few minor problems. The EOY test can all be graded by a computer. Without the writing from PBA the EOY test seems to take less time.

The format of a few questions did change. Some of the ELA questions had the passages at the top of the page and questions below. This was a nice change from the traditional split screen. One more week and PARCC test will be complete. We got this.

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Flubaroo Help

Flubaroor is an add-on in Google sites. It has been feature on a previous Smore. When you have your students complete a Google form it will grade the results for you. If you have been using Flubaroo and want to do more with it the Flubaroo help center is a great resource.

Flubaroo was designed by a teacher for teachers.

Classroom of the Week: Mrs. Hatfill's Honors English

Collaborative Learning

The students in Mrs. Hatfill's honors English class have written fictional stories with the 7th grade students at Carrollton Elementary. Mrs. Hatfill's students started out by writing an opening paragraph and then Miss. Pegue, in Carrollton, shared the document with one of her students. The students really enjoyed this project. Mrs. Hatfill said, " I think we have created writing monsters!" Samples of students' stories: A Frog Named George, My Story