Analysis of leadership and how it impacts society.

What is leadership ?

A leader is a person who has a vision, and who is able to maintain people while keeping good character.


Through the use of people skills, vision, and character, these qualities of leadership allow for a positive impact on society by unifying a group of individuals.


character trait: Though Cassius is known for his greed, in the play he displays the character trait of people skills. His trait though is used to unite people, such as the conspirators, who attempted to renew Rome through an Assassination.

  • Cunning
  • Manipulative
  • persuasion

Even though Cassius doesn't exactly unit the people his skills are still used for Brutus' plan which is to unite a group and persuade them to work together to remove Caesar.

Oprah Winfrey

"The Most Powerful Woman in the World"

Oprah is an independent woman with a great deal of character who is able to motivate and unify different individuals towards a healthier life, both physically and mentally through her broadcasting.

  • Strong, bold woman
  • Expresses positive values and healthy lifestyles
  • Global influence

Winston Churchill has a vision of peace!

While Winston Churchill expressed his vision for peace to everyone, he motivated others to go and help fight for peace. This caused unity among individuals of England to support his vision.

•His vision was a commonly shared idea

•He could successfully motivate everyone to support him in how he accomplished it

•He was very passionate about getting his plan done

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Winston Churchill