Skyline School District


LEVEL GREEN- Limited to moderate virus exposure in school and/or community

  • Students will attend class in person on a daily basis.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting practices will be increased in all areas used by students and staff.
  • Visitors allowed inside building with administrator permission only.
  • Staff and Students may be screened for symptoms and/or temperature.
  • Protocols for social distancing put in place where possible.
  • Students and staff are highly encouraged to remain as socially distant as possible.
  • Masks encouraged and may be required for staff and students in cases where distancing isn't possible.
  • Students/Staff will be sent home if they are exhibiting 3 or more common symptoms of COVID19. Negative COVID19 test or release from medical professional required prior to return to school.
  • Distance learning option is available for students/parents who are currently uncomfortable with the "in school" setting. (Contact your school principal)
  • Restrictions may be in place for spectators of activities.

LEVEL YELLOW - Moderate to significant virus exposure in school and/or community

  • Student attendance may be adjusted to 75% or 50% of days of the week to allow for more social distancing. (for example, students would attend every other day at 50%)
  • If attendance is altered, meal delivery plans will be in place.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing will be performed more often each day.
  • Students and staff will be screened each day for symptoms and temperature.
  • Visitors allowed with administrator approval only, mask required.
  • Masks will likely be required for staff and students when distancing is not possible. (Young students may be excluded from this requirement)
  • Restrictions will be in place to assure social distancing where possible.
  • Students/Staff exhibiting 2 or more common symptoms of COVID19 will be sent home. A negative COVID19 test or release from a medical professional required prior to return to school.
  • Distance learning option is available for students/parents who are currently uncomfortable with the "in school" setting.
  • If spectators of activities are allowed to attend, there will be restrictions and/or limitations.

LEVEL RED - Significant virus exposure in school and community. This could be used temporarily or long term.

  • Distance learning will be in place using personal devices and/or traditional methods.
  • Accommodations will be made for students without internet and those with disabilities.
  • Meal plans will be in place.
  • Pickup and drop off locations will be established.
  • Activities are not allowed when school is not in session.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

We will review our plans on a daily basis, as we use them. Our plans will change as our student needs change. We ask for your understanding and flexibility while working through this process to provide the best opportunities we can for our students. Some of our temporary changes are explained in a Q and A below.

Will you offer a distance learning option if we wish to keep our kids at home?

We have a distance learning option for parents who do not want to send their children to school as a result of the virus. This distance learning plan would be mostly via internet/chromebook and would be through our teachers. The commitment to this would likely be for the duration of a quarter. This would make for a smooth transition back to school at some point for our students.

Will staff and/or students be required to wear masks?

This will depend on the current school and community status of the virus. We will do what gives us the best opportunity to safely keep kids in school. This may or may not include masks at level Green. We recommend parents add sanitizer and masks to their school supply lists. If a mask requirement is in place, they may not be required for younger students.

Will visitors be allowed?

Unfortunately, visitors will be highly discouraged during this time. Visitors will likely be required to wear a mask and will likely only be allowed with administrator approval. We do not like having these restrictions, please understand they are temporary. Clear instructions for visitors will be explained prior to school starting, restrictions will change with the levels described above.

How will the school communicate with parents?

We will use School Messenger to get important information to parents, phone call and text messaging. We also plan to use the school website to provide information and we are working to make these items seen more easily on the home page. It is very important that all parents assure that the school has accurate contact numbers at the beginning of the school year. We will provide the current contact information we have on file to you for review when we return to school.

How will you social distance on the school bus?

Depending on the bus route, this may not be possible. We encourage parents to transport their children if they are able to. Students and parents should be prepared for masks to be required on the school bus depending on the level of our school and community.

How will we know what "Level" the school is currently at?

The current level and restrictions/requirements will be posted on the school website.

Can you assure me that my child will not get the COVID19 Virus?

No, we cannot assure you that your child will not get the COVID19 virus. We can assure you that we will do everything we can to have practices in place that will give us the best chance at keeping all of our Skyline Family safe while providing a quality education.

Will activities be offered?

We will make every effort to give our kids the opportunity to participate as they normally would. Spectators may be restricted at any time.

NOTICE: This is a working document and may change as our needs or decisions change. Save this link as you can return to see updates and additions.

Other Questions? email and I will try to respond in a timely manner.