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February 10, 2021 Issue 18

Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

Malcolm Forbes

Looking Ahead: Important Dates

2/11-5th grade transition event with HSI

2/12 and 2/13- Virtual Open House

2/15-Student/Staff Holiday (weather makeup day)

2/22-26th STAAR Practice

3/8-12th-Spring Break


We are so glad to have everyone back for a new semester of learning and exercising. Please be sure that students wear the appropriate shoes (no boots or slide on shoes) to PE and bring water bottles to school. So important that students bring water to school for all day and importantly for PE. Thank you for your help with this. If you would like to donate a case(s) of water to students in PE, that would be greatly appreciated. Here is to having a GREAT rest of the school year. Let's finish strong

Spread the word! HSA WACO has openings for the school year 2021-2022!

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Our new theme is I Build, I Create. We will spend this week exploring and reviewing attributes related to color, shape and size. Our focus letter is Rr and our number is 17. Please continue to practice letter names and sounds at home also.-Mrs. Vasquez

This week we are learning the letter R, number 17, color brown, reviewing all shapes, and working on rhyming words. Let’s have a GREAT week!! -Ms. Bateman

This week in Pre-K C we are learning the letter Q, the number 17, all about different shapes, and about our five senses. Ms. Ingroum


e hope you had a great week. Make sure to practice letter sounds, rhyming, and counting to 100. Make sure to do exit tickets when your student can not attend live. You can also go back to review prior lessons. Remember to keep sending full, labeled water bottles. :) -Kindergarten Team

1st Grade

We are learning about living and nonliving things and what basic needs living things must have to survive. We are continuing to practice solving addition and subtraction word problems. Some will have three addends! Social studies will be learning about American presidents and patriots.-Mrs. Smith

ELA: Long a, ai/ay sound

MATH: Continue to work through reading and solving word problems. Adding with three addends.

SCIENCE: Living, Nonliving, and Basic Needs for Survival

SOCIAL STUDIES: Presidents and Patriots-Mrs. Pustejovsky

2nd Grade

Math-We will have our CBA over measurement on Wednesday. We will start a new topic over geometry on Thursday, where we will learn different 2-D shapes. Please make sure that your child logs on everyday on time.-Ms. Lester

ELA -This week, we will be spelling words with the 'er' sounds. Students will be creating their own timeline to go along with our unit on biographies. Please make sure students are reading for at least 20 minutes each day! -Ms. Brown

- This week we are learning how to read words with vowel patterns ir, er, and ur. Our focus for reading is Text Organization using the story "How to Make a Timeline." For writing, we are learning how to use commas in a series of nouns and verbs. We are writing/typing two essays this week. (Past Tense Essay and Black History Month Essay) It is imperative that your child types these essays through the Google Forms on Schoology. Remember to keep up with your child's grades through Skyward. If your child needs to make up an assignment, it would be in the Quarter 3 folder on Schoology. (Instructions on looking up grades are on Class Dojo Story.) Friday is an Asynchronous day, and your child is required to take the Weekly Module Assessment and complete the Exit Ticket on prefix pre for attendance and a grade. If you have any questions or concerns, please message me on Class Dojo. -Ms. B.Martinez

This week students will be continuing their unit covering Earth's systems. Students will be studying the phases of the Moon. We will review and take our CBA next week! Please check for missing assignments.-Mrs. A. Martinez

3rd Grade

This week we will be spelling irregular plurals. We will continue to learn about the different text structures that author's use in their text. Please remind students to read for at least 20 minutes each day! -Ms. Brown

This week in 3rd grade math we will be learning about two-dimensional shapes!-Ms. Curtis

This week, we will be reviewing Text Structures, Vowel Teams, and Opinion Writing.

*Please make sure your child is reading every day for at least 20 minutes.

3rd Social Studies:

- This week, we will be talking about Surplus and Scarcity.-Mrs. Salas

This week students will be continuing their unit on Earth's changes. We will be studying landslides, erosion, and the rapid or slow changes they can make to the Earth. Please check for missing assignments. -Mrs. A. Martinez

4th Grade

Finishing Esperanza Rising and working on becoming better writers.-Ms. Swanner

This week, we will be talking about reasons for Texas' annexation into the United States.-Mrs. Salas

We will be finishing up our unit on Fractions this week and our test will be next week!-Ms. McCaig

This week students will review their unit on the Earth's patterns and take their CBA. Please make sure all STEMscopes assignments are completed and turned in!-Mrs. A. Martinez

will learn about text and graphic features while reading about healthy eating. We will read “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou and write a response.-Mrs. Driver

5th Grade

Hello. Progress Reports went out at the end of last week. Please watch your mail for those this week. I am also sending dojo's out this week, please let me know if you have any questions. Students can still make up their work, but, they need to do assignments in a timely manner. This week in reading we are studying figurative language used in poetry. We will be studying metaphors, similes, tone, and mood of poetry. Please remember that attendance remains a high priority this year and it is very important. Students are required to keep their cameras on and be present for questions during live zoom classes. As always, I am here to help and support your student. Together we are the best team for your student's success.

Thank you for all you do!

Mrs. Dunford

Hello 5th grade parents and guardians! We are moving through our measurement unit in mathematics. This week we will look at what tools are appropriate to measure length, weight, and capacity as well as what units of measure to use for each. We will also convert between different units of measure, such as 8 yards converted to feet. Please make sure they are completing the nearpods and exit tickets to help foster their learning. Thanks for all you do! -Ms. Piscacek

In science we have finished the last TEKS and will be reviewing for the practice STAAR! In social studies we will be studying the Tuskegee Airman of World War II. The Tuskegee Airmen were the first Black military aviators in the U.S. Army Air Corps (AAC), a precursor of the U.S. Air Force. -Mr. Walton

A note from Mrs. Avci-ESL Teacher

Dear Parents,

Attached is a letter regarding the upcoming TELPAS test that ESL students will take. Please work with your child and practice logging on and allow them to practice in order to help them prepare. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for all you do!

Estimados padres:
Se adjunta una carta sobre el próximo examen TELPAS que tomará su hijo. Por favor, trabaje con su hijo y practique cómo iniciar sesión y permítale practicar para ayudarlo a prepararse. Comuníquese con nosotros si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud. ¡Gracias por todo lo que hacen!

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If your student is absent, email the doctor's note to the attendance clerk (imeza@harmonytx.org) fax or drop the note inside the box outside the office by the window. Reminder: students have until 11:59 pm to submit the exit ticket to receive attendance credit for that day.
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