Common Sense

Denton, Luke, Priscilla


Throughout this passage, Thomas Paine criticizes the act of government. He says that America could thrive as an independent country and it was a perfect time to break away from Britain because the colonies were united. Also, instead of having a government thousands of miles away trying to control them and make rules, they could make their own rules and do the things in ways that better suited those living in the colonies.

Author's Purpose

Thomas Paine wrote "Common Sense" to educate the colonies about the government and inspire them to break free from Britain. It worked because it was at a time when people were considering breaking away from the English rule because of how self-sufficient the colonies had become, and he wrote it in a way that the average man could understand.

American Dream

Thomas Paine's idea of the American Dream was for all the colonies to be free from all British rule. He imagined an America where the people ran the government instead of King. He believed Government was a necessary evil to keep the colonies united. Many of his dreams were added to the Declaration of Independence, which makes sense because he wrote and published this in a very close time period to when the Declaration was written and signed.

Importance to History

The pamphlet Common Sense has great importance to the History of the U.S. His pamphlet was what sparked the early leaders of America to take action and sign the Declaration of Independence. This document forced Britain and America to go to war and allowed the U.S. to gain its independence and become a respected, self-sufficient country of the world.

Importance Today

This is important today because it is what sparked Americans try and break free from Britain. If this pamphlet would have never been released everything could have gone differently, we could still be connected to Britain and have the same government which would make things very complicated. By breaking away, America has become one of the biggest and most powerful countries in the world because the bravery of Thomas Paine and what he did to change and free America.