The Modern Era Emerges

Industrial Revolution, French Revolution, WWI and WWII

Industrial Revolution

  • Began in Great Britain
  • Major inventions: Steam engine, light bulb, assembly lines
  • jobs became available because of the need for human resources.
  • First industry to modernize was the textiles or woven cloth.
  • Increased productivity

Rivalries between nations

  • Industrialization caused some to have and some to be have-nots.
  • Countries began forming alliances to protect their assets.
  • Countries began taking over other nations to gain more raw goods. This waswas called Imperialism.
  • 1914, WWI began when Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated by Serbians.
  • Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turks vs France, UK, and America. Russia dropped out early due to problems at home.

Leaders in WWII


  • The Treaty of Versailles punished Germany for WWI. It made them take the blame, pay back for the war, and shamed the people.
  • Japan invaded Manchuria.
  • America was attacked in Pearl Harbor bringing us into the war.
  • Hitler killed Jews and other non-German people in what is called the Holocaust and is a form of a genocide.
  • Japan dropped the atomic bomb on Japan to end the war.