Effects of the Depression

Jenna Von Ruden

Family Life

There were many different cases of family life during the depression. Some families got stronger, but some families fell apart. Children were not able to go to school because families just couldn't afford it. This was the cause of student bodies shrinking as well as the decline in public spending on schools. A strange fact that was found was that the amount of males in high school at this time actually increased. In many parts of America birth rates dropped because families couldn't afford having anymore children, and families started learning about birth control and how it works. Divorce rates during this time dropped, but abandonment rates were rising. This was because families couldn't afford a divorce, but they didn't want to stay with there family, so they left.

Public Life

During the Great Depression being in public could be a little scary. Crime rates were on the rise dramatically because people didn't have jobs and needed to find a way to get food on the table for themselves and there families, so theft was huge then. Suicide rates also rose because of malnutrition and depression. Alcoholism became a big problem for many because they felt it was a way to escape everything that was going on in there life. People started to not worry about there health or get any kind of health care because they couldn't afford it. Many people were losing there jobs because businesses were starting to fail. Many women relied on prostitution in order to earn money and to make a living. Through all the craziness of the of the depression some jobs, though very few, were actually able to get stronger. The stock market and the banks took a major toll during the Great Depression because nobody was able to invest in those businesses.