Mysterious Powder

Lab Report


Are choice was to do the PR Test, The PH, The IODINE, The last one we did was Physical Properties. The reason why we did these test was because when we did the test was we got lots of results of the powder and we can figure out with the tests that we did what kind of powder it is so that's why we are choice was to do those test.


My group is think for sure that it is the Purple Powder, Red Powder, The Green Powder to.

We have the prove because what we did is that we looked real close to the powder. First thing we did is that we looked at the Physical Properties but we saw little crystals in it. We think that, that was purple. Green because when we did the Iodine test it turned into a odd dark color. The last powder that we think it is, is Red because when we did the PR test we could see all results and when we checked it again we think now that it is RED.