iPad Air

With improved IOS 7


We reached a whole new level of lightness with our creation. At only 469 grams, our new iPad Air revolutionises the definition of "light". It's also our slimmest full size iPad yet! With a depth of a mere 7.5 mm, it's super portable. It's height is 244 mm and its width is 169.5 mm so the size isn't effected by the depth.

Battery Life

From the box, the apple rechargeable lithium-ion battery can be charge up via the supplied USB cable to last up to nine hours when using 3G, ten hours when using WI-FI, ten hours when playing back videos, forty hours with audio, and up to two-thousand hours in standby mode.


The five megapixel camera is capable of capturing images and video clips at a good quality. The camera can use a flash for images to capture them with the best lighting. It can shoot videos by pressing the central button or the volume button on the side so it is used like an actual camera. The video works by pressing the on screen button or volume button at the start and finish. With IOS 7, you get face detection and video stabilisation. You can also focus on certain parts of the image shown on screen. The video camera can capture 1080 pixels with three times video zoom.


There is a wide range of apps that you can purchase (and get for free) from the app store by downloading them to your iPad Air to use and keep forever. There is an app for virtually anything from revision apps to social networking! With the iPad's A7 chip you can access a variety of mobile games to keep you entertained on the go.


If you are a music lover, the iPad Air is perfect for you. The Itunes store gives you access to the latest and greatest hits with a free track every week and a range of tracks to purchase. Also, you can see the charts to see what's popular.