sea otter

facts about otters

Otters survival life

Otters have evolved for 7-Million years and for them to survive they have to go through many adaptations. These adaptions are seasons like winter,fall,spring and summer. seasons aren't just there survival problem! They have predators that can hurt them and they can even have food problems too.

Otters habitats

Otters have specific places they live in shallow coastal waters off the Northern Pacific. Their living range has stretched from japan along the coast of Siberia and the Aleutian chain and down the Alaska,British,Columbia, Organ and California coast to Baja California.


otters reproduction is throughout the year and the female pregnancy is about 6-8 months, they usually only gives birth to one pup but a sea otter can have twins but its like a 50/50 chance of that happening.

A otters diet

Their food diet is urchins,abalone, mussels,clams,crabs and snails and about 40 other marine species. sea otter approximately eat 25% of their weight (each day) to support and high their metabolism.