Ella Fitzgerald

By Makenzy Holmes

What was Ella known for?

Ella Fitzgerald is most known for her amazing voice and style of jazz. She is known for singing jazz and traditional pop. She wooed many people with her voice and scatting. Ella Fitzgerald sang the children's song "A-Tisket-A-Tasket" and she became known everywhere. She is known for lifting people's spirits and she always sang happy songs. Ella Fitzgerald was overall known for singing career.
  • Ella had a very difficult life growing up. Her parents divorced a little bit after her birth.
  • Ella, her mother, and her mother's boyfriend moved to New York and struggled living because of financial issues.
  • After Ella's mother died in 1932, Ella started skipping school because she wanted to try to make it on her own but it didn't work out and she became a homeless teenager.
  • Two years before her death she became blind and had to get her legs amputated in because of the disease of diabetes.

How her life impacted the world for good.

She showed that women can be independent and they can have power in the world.

Interesting Facts

One interesting fact about Ella Fitzgerald is that she won 13 Grammy awards throughout her singing career.

Ella sold over 40 million copies of her albums around the world.

Adjectives describing Ella Fitzgerald.

  • Talented
  • Inspirational
  • Kind