Google Forms and More!

St Clair PLC - February 14, 2014

Want to find out what your coworkers want for lunch? Need to get feedback for your training session? Want to find out which movie your friends want to see on Saturday? Do you need a database of your club member's phone numbers? Use Google Forms.

Forms in Google Docs are easy to create. You can embed forms on Web pages or on your blog, or you can send the link out in an email. It looks far more professional than a lot of free survey tools out there.

Forms feed their results directly into a spreadsheet in Google Docs. That means you can take the results and publish them, use spreadsheet gadgets or charts with them, or export the results to use in Excel or another desktop spreadsheet program. To get started, log into Google Docs and select New: Form from the upper left menu.

Video - "Creating Google Forms"

Google Forms 2014 Tutorial

Click on the Video below to "Learn How to Add Images to Google Forms".

Google Forms Images