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Summer Reading Recommendations

Here's a collection of book recommendations to add to your classroom library or to consider for read aloud next year! Thank you to Rose and Amy for your recommendations! I've included a handout of book recommendations that you can send home with your students, as well as a summer reading list from Scholastic.

Thank you for a wonderful school year! Have a wonderful summer vacation!

Happy Reading!


If you are looking for summer reading book recommendations to send home with your students, check out these outstanding booklists by Cathy Potter, the Falmouth School librarian!

2016 Summer Reading List from Scholastic

Parents - How to Help Your Child Love Reading Over the Summer by Pernille Ripp

Read Alouds for K-2

Recommended Series for K-2

Thank you to Amy Grenier for your outstanding recommendations!

A Great Book Series for Grades 2-5

The Cooper & Packrat mystery series is by Maine author, Tamra Wight. I highly recommend adding it to your classroom library or using it for a read aloud next year!

Read Alouds for Grades 3-5

Author Recommendations for Grades 3-5

Thank you to Rose Smith for your outstanding author recommendations!

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