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Look Ma', we're on TV! Check out our promotional video and tell a friend that HSOI is "a high school that fits your schedule!"
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Innovation Celebration Awards

Congratulations to our Innov8/Celebr8 and Badgr nominees for their continued hard work and dedication to excellence!

All Student Day

On December 16th we will have an All Student Day. This All Student Day will encompass our Pajama-Crammavation (Finals' review & study session), and our annual Holiday Party. All students are required to be present on Monday, December 16th.
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College and Career-Ready

History of Video Games

This 3 unit college course in which students also receive 10 weighted high school credits is a comprehensive study of the evolution of video games. It includes technological and artistic antecedents, with an analysis of how video games reflect the beliefs, aspirations, and values of the cultures where they flourish. The study includes gameplay experience and analysis of notable game genres, identifying significant artistic and technological innovations.

If you or your student is interested, please contact us ASAP; space will fill up quickly!!!

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Parent Corner

Thank you!!!

Parents, we like to thank you for your support and patience as we continue to grow and develop. It is because of your feedback that we were able to develop a schedule that is rigorous, relevant, and flexible.

Thank You!!!

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New Schedules

All of our students have received their new schedules and we look forward to seeing them and answering their questions when we return from Thanksgiving break on Monday, December 2nd.