4K A.M. Class

Red Smith

May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Last Week...May 2nd-5th

Upcoming Dates & Important Information...

  • Monday, May 30th No School-Memorial Day
  • I finished the Spring Pals assessment. Report cards and Pals scores will be coming home June 7th.
  • Monday, June 6th will be the 4K picnic. It will start at 10:45 at the Splash Pad Park. More info will be coming home soon.
  • Tuesday, June 7th-Last day of school

Songs and Movement...

Click on the links below to watch the You Tube videos-

Zz song on ABCmouse.com


The Ants Go Marching One by One


Ants In Your Pants (A 4K favorite)


This Week...May 9th-12th

  • We will be finishing up our A to Z Alphabet Art book. Have your child read the book to you and talk about each activity they did and what they used to create each page. Enjoy!
  • We will be making unique bugs. Some bug vocabulary we will be learning is head, abdomen, and thorax. See if your child can point to these parts on their bug.
  • At the math center, children will be rolling a dice and adding 2 numbers of ladybug dots together. If your child brings this sheet home...take a look at it and see if they were able to add correctly.
  • Can your child follow directions? We will be doing a following directions sheet called Insects in the Garden. Look and see if they were able to follow the given directions.

Letter Z Activities...

  1. Zoom around the block.
  2. Zip zippers.
  3. Look for zeros at the grocery store.
  4. Read a book about zoo animals.
  5. Take a field trip to the zoo.
Practice writing "Z" across, slant down, across

Practice writing "z" across, slant down, across

Please bring a show and tell object that starts with the letter Zz on Thursday, May 12th. Have your child practice sharing one detail about their object to a family member to prepare them for our Show & Tell community circle time.