Ronald Reagan

By: Jackson Ezzell

Virtual Statistics

Birth Date- February 6, 1911

Death Date- June 5, 2004

Marriage Date- He married Jane Wyman in 1937

He married Nancy Reagan in 1952

Dates any children were born- With Jane- Maureen- January 4, 1937

Micheal- March 18, 1945

With Nancy- Ronald- May 20, 1958

Patti- October 21, 1952

Important things that happened in this persons life- He became president.

He was the governor of California.

Divorce- He got divorced with Jane in 1949.

Death of someone special- Jack Reagan- May 18, 1941 ( DAD )

Nelle Wilson- July 25, 1962 ( MOM )

Traumatic Events- He got shot but not killed on March 30, 1981. He was almost assassinated.

What makes this person special or interesting?

Ronald Reagan was the president of the United States twice. He got a second term. He was the governor of California. He was a republican. He is considered the president that ended the Cold War. He was the president when the Berlin Wall was knocked down. He beat Jimmy Carter which was one of the biggest presidential landslides in history. When he got old he got Alzheimer's and didn't remember he was president.

Ronald Reagan

What kind of effect did he or she have on the world or other people?

He stopped nuclear war, during the Cold War. He stopped communism in Russia. He ended the Cold War. While the Cold War he initiated anti-missile defense strategy. (This was during his first term). In his second term he began to become friends with Russia in space programs. They shared technical ideas and inventions. Reagan wanted to make a permanent human outpost in Earth's orbit.

Adjectives that describe Ronald Reagan




4.Charismatic- had a strong personality







What events shaped or changed this persons life? Did he overcome obstacles? What were they?

Some events that changed this persons life were... He was president two times. He was the governor of California. his dad was an alcoholic so he started going to church. He was an actor for the Warner Bros. He overcame many obstacles in his lifetime. He ended the Cold War. He stopped Nuclear War. When he launched the Space program he had to pay a lot money to keep the program going.


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