By: Ella Sultan

All about the Muslim religion

In the Muslim religion, they believe in Allah and their common figure is Abraham. Their holy site is in Jerusalem. Their holy book is the Koran. Their sabbath day is Friday. They believe in Allah, angels, the holy books, the Prophets, the Day of Judgement, and Predestination. Their practices include Shahada ( public declaration of faith), Salat ( prayer), Zakat ( giving to the needy), Siyam ( fasting during Ramadan), and Hajj ( pilgrimage, or journey, to the city of Mecca at least once in a lifetime). Their place of worship is a mosque. Their most common sects are Sunni and Shiite ( believes the government should be run by religious leaders). Their holy days are Ramadan ( celebrates Allah giving Muhammad message) and Eid al Fitr ( celebrates end of Ramadan; gifts, food, family, thanks). Their worship leaders are Imam ( prayer leader) and Mullah ( teacher). The followers are called Muslims. I hope you learned a lot about the Muslim religion and will learn more soon.

Important info

The view about God

The second major religious figure is Abraham. The view about God that is the same for all religions is that there is only one God.
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