The Scary Truth

By Kaleb

In AC math we are doing a project on our favorite restaurant meal. I chose Wendys. My meal was a chicken sandwich witch has 170 calories, and 19 fat grams I also got medium fries which has 180 calories, and 20 fat grams, plus I got a medium Dr. pepper that has 230 calories no fat grams and I got a small frosty with 70 calories and 7 fat grams. My meal has 650 calories, and 46 fat grams. I had eaten 92 out of 100 fat grams of what a boy myage is soposed to have in 1 day, and 50 calories over 1 fourth of 2400 calories which is how many calories a boy 9 to 13 is supposed to eat in 1 day

Conclusion [ What I Would Change]

I will stop getting fries because they're way unhealthy, and I don't like them that much. Also I get frostys a little less because only Munising 20 fat grams and 180 calories from not getting fries is not quiet enough so that leaves me with 19 fat grams only 2 more fat grams than I should have in 1 meal not including snacks, but I play football a very active sport, Plus I would only be eating 400 calories 250 calories less than before!
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