The Simmons Family Reunion

What happens?

As Ballarat is the home of much of the Simmons' family, we all go to Lake Wendouree Park for a family get-together. This happens only once a year and happens during the early days of December. This is a day where we all sit in camp chairs and talk about the year with each other. All of the children would go play on the huge wooden playground right next to our spot. Everyone brings a plate of food and it starts at nine and goes until everyone goes home.

Traditions Followed

  • If the weather is not good, we would either postpone it or cancel it. It is always at Lake Wendouree and that never changes
  • If the children are good, we get ice-cream
  • Everyone brings food and chairs
  • The children play on the playground
  • There is no particular way to dress for this reunion, some people bring christmas hats

Why is it important to me?

The reason why this is important to me is because we are the only Simmons family in Geelong, and we only get together on special occasions. Sometimes we don't even see them then because we will be interstate or on holiday somewhere or they would be. We never see our extended family on the Davey side either because they live in North Queensland. I enjoy seeing my cousins, auntie, uncles and other relatives that I may haven't seen for years. It's really special.


  • People will bring sports equipment, like a football, cricket bat and ball etc.
  • We play games on the wooden playground
  • We go on the swings that are huge and hold over 5 people. We wit until we are about to throw up then jump off (this is mostly for older kids).

Guest List

  • Janelle Davey
  • Jason Davey
  • Jyden Davey
  • Jess Davey (me)
  • Auntie Trish, Trish, Rachel, Angela (and their children)
  • Uncle Greg, Daryl, Stu, Ken
  • Papa
  • Karen and Brianna
  • Other extended family