Language Arts Loop

Your News For What's Happening in Room 404! - November 11

Reading News

Our readers continue to grow ideas about characters in realistic fiction. This week we will keep tracking characters actions and motivations throughout the text. We will also review story elements and how they all work together to form a well-crafted story. We will also spend some time honoring our Veterans this week through letter writing. As we look ahead, very soon we will be diving into the genre of informational text. I am excited to look closely at this type of text and the features we expect when reading factual, nonfiction text.

Writing News

This week our students will reflect on their letter writing skills as we write a letter to our veterans thanking them for their service. We will review complete sentences and sentence parts through a deeper study of subjects and predicates. We will also continue to work with the C.U.P.S revision and editing strategy we learned last week. Lastly, we will make the connection between the timeline we use as writers to plan our pieces and the story mountain one identifies through the plot of a story. As writers we will check our timelines to ensure that they have the same parts that we would expect in a story mountain. Looking ahead, we will be studying essay writing, specifically in the genre of expository text. Students will learn what an expository essay should include and we will "try the work" of writing pieces that include those characteristics.


This week students will look at two new roots: bio, and bi. Students will again research the roots and create lists of words that contain each root. They will create a visual representation of the root itself and of each word that contains the root. Students are becoming experts at using the computer as a research tool. is a website that students visit regularly to help them spell and gain word meanings. We will NOT have a spelling test this week.

Reminders to Parents

  • November 11 - 4th Grade Veteran's Day Program
  • November 12 - Early Release Day - 12:45
  • November 14 - Field trip to Washington on the Brazos - bring a completely disposable sack lunch
  • November 25 - Grandparents' Day Celebration - Thanksgiving Lunch

Take a Breath. Then GO!!

Ready. Set. GO!! This week is packed full of fun and challenging events for fourth grade. Tuesday we will celebrate Veteran's Day and honor our vets through the fourth grade program. Parents and families are welcome to join us at 9:00 a.m. and at 6:30 p.m. to watch our fourth graders perform a program set to honor all of our vets. Wednesday we will have our first early release day of the year. School will dismiss at 12:45 that day so be sure that you have made arrangements for your student. Lastly, Friday is the day our class will visit Washington on the Brazos. This field trip will last all day. Students need to bring a labeled, completely disposable sack lunch that day. We will return to Creek View late in the afternoon in time for dismissal.