December 2015

From the President........

Good Afternoon!

Happy Holidays! It is my pleasure to inform you all that we have reached a tentative agreement of our new Collective Bargaining Agreement between the association and Oklahoma City Public Schools. This newsletter will review the main points of the agreement and will include a link for you to vote to ratify.

Language of the Contract:

  • Revised contract areas to update titles of positions and organization.
  • Clarified the process for disciplinary procedures for administrators.
  • Memorandum of agreement that the District will work with the AFSA-OCBA on the development of a Leadership Development/ Mentoring program.
  • Sick leave cap of 200 days with grandfather clause for those who already exceed the 200 days. Sick leave sharing will become an option for any administrator who has 120 days. This is a change from requiring administrators to wait for 200 days before donating.
  • Clarify contract language that provides 4 personal days per year and rolls over to sick leave if not used.


  • $500 increase to base salary for all principal's and assistant principals who are on the salary schedule ( does not apply to those off scale)
  • Each principal and assistant principal continues to receive the experience pay ($700/500 respectively). This applies to all administrators except new hires. Applies to those who are one the salary schedule (does not apply to those off scale).
  • All principals, will receive ADM stipends, this includes all who on and off the salary scale.
  • This year the distribution continues to be installments in the remaining paychecks of the year.
  • Beginning, July, 2015, ADM will be paid in your regular paycheck as ADM pay, but will be based on prior years enrollment. ADM will continue to be calculated in the rears and based on prior year. ADM continues to receive TRS credit. This will stabilize everyone's paycheck eliminating all the confusion.

Please note, that each person's salary is highly dependent on the years of experience one has as an assistant principal or principal. This amount is based on the records from the state department. Please ensure that your service records are up to date in order to make sure your calculations are correct. This particularly important for those who have moved from other districts or from other states.

In January, HR will provide a spreadsheet detailing each administrators salary expectation and it will be given to the executive board and Scott Kaufman. You'll be able to contact Scott directly if you need clarifications about your salary.

Finally, we want you all to know that, we sincerely feel the two teams worked for common good of all administrators, This is the first year in many of our tenure that we've finished negotiations in December! We hope to ratify by January 7th and have it approved at the January 11th board meeting!

All principal's and assistant principals may vote, regardless of membership in the association. However, if there is close count or any discrepancies, the vote of members will make the official ratification decision.

I'm very grateful to the negotiations team for the work and commitment to this process . The negotiations team:

Scott Kauffman Executive Director

Heather Zacarias, Elementary Principal

Greg Frederick, High School Principal

Rhonda Schroeder, President/ Elementary Principal

On behalf of the entire AFSA-OCBA Executive Board, We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Click Here for Ratification Voting

You'll need to login to your OKCPS google account for access.