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Washington School Newsletter: April 2019

Important School Dates

4/10 - Early Dismissal (11:30 pick up)

4/10 - Parent-Teacher Conferences from 5-7pm

4/15-4/19 - Spring Recess - No School

4/24 - Early Dismissal/Professional Development (11:30 Pick up)



The state of CT has set our chronic absenteeism rate to be 10% or lower. Currently, Washington is at 14.8% chronically absent. PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL!!!!!

The grades are as follows:

Kindergarten 30.9% chronically absent : (

1st Grade 14.6% chronically absent : (

2nd Grade 13.6% chronically absent : (

3rd Grade 8.5% chronically absent ; ) Way to go Grade 3!!!!

4th Grade 11.3% chronically absent : (

5th Grade 8.0% chronically absent ; ) Way to go Grade 5!!!

Student of the Month

The Student of the Month celebration for both February and March will be held on Friday, April 5th at 8:30. Congratulations to the following selected students:

  • Kindergarten: Brandon Santiago, Tatyana Maxwell, Kevin Pomaquiza, Christian Jones-Sanders, Erika Chmelko
  • 1st Grade: Lovelee Cintron, Lianny Ramirez, Serenity Perez, Daniela Garcia
  • 2nd Grade: Sharaz Ghafur, Estephanie Bustos Jimenez, Alixa Villatoro, William Martinez, Jeanne Zumba
  • 3rd Grade: Yasmin Quinones, Taino Diaz, Rhianna Roscoe, Selena Duenas. Kimberly DeLosSantos
  • 4th Grade: Laila Hoosain, Emmanuel Perez, Yadary Perez-Cruz, Genesis Montoya
  • 5th Grade: Jada Mangroo, Nicholas Montana, Amber Balram, Llenson Pomaquiza

Festive Fridays

Friday, April 5th - Grade Color

Pre-K Pink,

Kindergarten - Red,

1st - Orange,

2nd - Yellow,

3rd- Green,

4th - Blue,

5th - Purple

Friday, April 26th - Twinning Day. Find a friend, sibling, or coworker and plan the same outfit as them. Can be triplets and quadruplets too!

Classroom News


ELA: Please continue tapping and reading CVC words, breaking apart words by each individual sounds, writing letters neatly and trying to write a complete sentence. Here is a video to show how to sound tap with your child: Sound Tapping

Math: Please continue to count from 1-100 by 1’s and 10’s, naming shapes and their attributes, comparing numbers and adding and subtracting within 10. Here is a video for math fact practice; PreSchool Math Fact Practice

Thank you to everyone who participated in our school fundraiser!

1st Grade

ELA: First grade has started Unit 3 in Wonders. We are beginning to sequence stories from beginning to end. We have been studying about how to measure time and how plants grow. We are also focusing on long vowel sounds. See this video: Vowel Sounds

Math: We are finishing up measuring with nonstandard units. We will begin place value next. Here is a link to help with place value. See this video: Place Value

2nd Grade

ELA: Second grade has started Unit 3 in Wonders which focuses on the the world around us. The students enjoyed learning about the Earth's forces and what we see in the sky. Unit 3 will continue with ways people help, weather, and how to express yourself.

Math: The students have enjoyed learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. They did an amazing job looking at the attributes for each and learning how to explain the differences. Ask them to identify 3D shapes around them! We will start our last math unit adding and subtracting up to 1,000.

Look out for Field Trip Permission Slips being sent home on April 8th for our May 1st Field Trip to the Hartford Yard Goats baseball game.

Big picture

3rd Grade

ELA: We are working on Unit 3 of Wonders which is all about Being Unique! We've read about different animals and their characteristics, and now we're reading about different leaders and how they can make a difference. We also have discussed problems and solutions and cause and effect.

Math: We have been enjoying working with fractions! Soon we will start our next unit which includes rounding and estimating.

3 Byron had the luck of the Irish this March! Click here to see photos and videos:
Big picture

4th Grade

ELA: We are about halfway through our 3rd unit in Wonders which focuses on author's point of view and how people can make a difference in their communities. We are wrapping up our poetry unit and will be celebrating with a publishing party on April 1st! Ask your child to see their poetry. Some poems were selected to be submitted to the Silas Bronson Library's 44th Annual Poetry Contest. Good luck to all of our contestants!

Math: We finished up our unit of fractions. Fractions will pop up in other things for the rest of year however we are moving on to measurement. We are currently working on area and perimeter. We will be moving onto line plots and measurement conversions shortly.

5th Grade

ELA: 5th grade readers are practicing finding the main idea and key details in informational text. In writing, students are learning the difference between formal and informal language. We have practiced when to use formal and informal language and we are working to publish both an informal and formal writing piece to show understanding of each. Here is a quick video to explain the difference: Formal and Informal Langauge

Math: We are currently focusing on solving multi-step word problems. Students must first be able to translate the word problem into an equation. Then they apply a strategy that we have worked on at some point throughout the year in order to solve. The great thing about math is that there are many ways to solve just one problem! We will be learning about grouping symbols to help us solve equations in the correct order!

Science: Half of the fifth grade just got to enjoy 5 days of StarBase, learning all kinds of science HANDS ON!!!

Here at school, we have been learning all about matter! The states of matter, how to measure matter properties of matter and physical and chemical changes on matter! During the 4th quarter, we will be looking at Earth and Human activities. How can groups of people use science to help protect the resources here on Earth?

Specials Updates

  • GYM: State Fitness testing in grades 3-5 this month! Please get your kids playing outside and keep them active!

  • LIBRARY:Calling all artist! To celebrate Children’s Book Week (May 2‐8), the library will be holding a bookmark design contest. The bookmark must be student’s original work. Each grade (K-5) will have a winner and the winning book mark will be passed out to students at the beginning of May. Here is a link to the template page.

RULES of the Project:

1. Bookmarks must be made by hand, not on the computer, and must fit within the bookmark template.

2. Bookmarks must be handed in no later than APRIL 20th.

3. Have fun and be creative!

Committee News

CURRICULUM: We are currently working on an innovative way to display student work and positive achievements! Soon you will see digital displays around the building. We hope to have this up and running by May!

PBIS: Students need to achieve 90% or better on Class Dojo in order to participate in the monthly reward. The monthly reward for April is Extra Recess. Students will be able to have extra recess with their friends on the Playscape. We encourage students to be safe, respectful and responsible in all areas of our school. Being safe at recess means being aware of activities going on around you and no play fighting. Please remind your student to be safe at recess. Thank you for your support!

Parents, thank you for your support and involvement in your child's education! Have a wonderful April!