A Christmas Carol

All about Scrooge and how he has changed

Mr. Scrooge, you were once known as “a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner!” How would you describe yourself now? What would you say caused this change?

I would describe myself very different then I used to be and here are some reasons I would say that I changed I am giving compared to how I used to be because I used to be greedy and I didn't care for anybody other than myself and I also would describe myself to be nice and thankful now because I have been really nice and I have been thankful for everything that i have been given and everything I have

What was most important to you in the past? What is important to you now?

The thing that was most impotent to me then was money and my own well being.The thing that is most important to me now is giving to people who are less fortunate than me and I am also focusing about others and how there doing and their well being along with mine as well.

What is your deepest regret about the past? Why is that such a cause of regret?

The deepest regret I have from the past is losing my sweetheart because I was lost in all the money and not her and I loved her so much and and I can't believe that I lost her because of that and I miss her so much and it's sad that i can't have her anymore because I lost her l

Since you have changed, which deed are you proudest of and why?

Since I have changed the deed I am most proud of is the giving I have accomplished and everybody I have made happy since my miraculous change and all the smiles I have seen since all of the giving

How has becoming a philanthropist affected the way you feel about others? How has it changed you?

I becoming a philanthropist has affected the way I feel for others by making me feel my sympathy for the people who don't have as mush as I do also I give more then I have ever given to anyone and it also makes me happy to see the smiles on everybody's face that I have given to all this giving has made me a lot happier

What advice would you give others, based on your own experience?

The advice I would give to others is be thankful for everything you have and not to take anything for granted because you could lose the thing that means most to you in the world and nobody wants to be alone like i was before I had the chance to change my point of view and be nicer to others

How would you like to be remembered? In fact, how would you like your epitaph to read?

I would like to be remembered like a loving person who would give up everything to others in need and I would like to be missed for all the charity I have done around the world and all the smiles I put on others faces around me and around the world